Everything you need to know about the Texas Cash 5 lottery

Cash 5 Texas lottery tickets

What is the Texas Cash 5 lottery?

The Texas Cash 5 lottery is one of the very popular lottery games in the USA. It is a government based lottery available in the entire Texas. It is operated and managed by the Texas lottery Commission, headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas. It was initiated in July 2002 which replaced a previous lottery named Cash 5 with different rules. On 23rd September, 2018 Cash 5 Texas lottery was innovated with a different matrix and better odds of winning the jackpot. The first drawing with new rules and format of 2018 was placed on 24th September,2018.

The Cash 5 lottery’s updated version in 2018 added new rules, a new format of playing and widened the prizes for the players.Lottery play couldn’t get more exciting with a 6 days lottery drawing. Yes, you heard it right- the Texas Cash 5 lottery results are drawn 6 times a week from Monday to Saturday at 10:12pm. The Cash “5” deciphers the picking of 5 numbers to win the jackpot. The lottery name defines the number of balls that will lead a player to win the Cash 5 jackpot.

The Cash 5 Texas lottery tickets are available widely in the licensed retail stores of Texas. Online lottery tickets are also available on the official websites and other online lottery websites. A lottery app has also been developed for the Cash 5 lottery which allows purchasing the lottery tickets, guidelines to play the Texas Cash 5 lottery and serves many other offers.
The odds of winning the jackpot is 1 in 324,632. With such high odds, it becomes a tough play for grabbing the jackpot. However, second tier prizes are availed for the players who match fewer balls than expected. It becomes more exciting to play the Texas Cash 5 lottery with second tier prizes and the various offers available while purchasing the lottery ticket.

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How to play the Texas Cash 5 lottery?

  • To play the Texas Cash 5 lottery to win the jackpot worth $25,000 on any day of the week from Monday to Saturday, the player needs to pick 5 numbers from the integer pool of 1 to 37.
  • If you do not match all the 5 numbers you still have chances to win the prize. Matching 2, 3 or 4 numbers with the winning ticket, you can win the second tier prizes which are equally productive.
  • Texas Cash five lottery results are drawn and the prizes are given away in lump sum only including the jackpot prize. There is no annuity pattern In giving the prizes.
  • Choose a play slip from your preferred retail store in Texas. Each play slip comprises 5 play boards namely A,B,C,D and E. You can play 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 play boards as per your wish. Each play board costs $1.
  • Now pick 5 numbers from the range of 1 to 37. The numbers can be manually picked or the QuickPick option is available for automatic random number generation. This option makes it easy to play the Texas Cash 5 lottery.
  • While picking the numbers manually, be cautious of ticking them with black or blue pen or with a pencil only.
  • If you make a mistake on the play slip, do not erase it. Mark the VOID BOX.
  • For playing more than one draw, mark the “Multi Draw” option. It allows the player to enter into 12 draws consecutively with the same numbers. This will enable all the numbers from board to A to E for as many drawings as the player selects. The hustle of selecting the numbers over and over reduces with the Multidraw option. This feature is also associated with the Advance Play option.
  • Players can choose the day they want to start playing the lottery. This can be followed by 5 other consecutively falling draws. Mark M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, Th for Thursday, F for Friday and S for Saturday. The player can pick only one day.

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Texas Cash 5 Lottery Winning Numbers and Prizes

The second tier prize wins also gives a chill of satisfaction to the players. You too might win one of them if you play the lottery. All prizes including the jackpot have high odds of winning but trying to play is harmless. Texas Cash 5 lottery winning numbers may or may not match the winning ticket. The lottery game is all about luck and patience. Here is a list of Texas Cash 5 winning prizes with its odds of winning.

Matches Prize Category Prize Current Probability of winning
2 of 5 numbers Fourth Prize Free Cash Five Quick Pick Ticket($1 value) 1:8
3 of 5 numbers Third Prize $15 1:75/td>
4 of 5 numbers Second Prize $350 1:2,164
All 5 numbers First(Top) Prize $25,000 1:324,632

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Texas Cash Five Lottery Winning Tips

Texas Cash 5 lotto tips are important to win the jackpot. Tips and tricks to win the jackpot are lucid to understand and implement. With this tough competition, Texas Cash 5 lotto tips can be of great help to near the win. Let us plunge into the tips to win the Cash 5 jackpot.

1.Try to pick a mix of odd and even numbers rather than picking only the hot or only the cold number.

2.Winning numbers are spread across the entire given range. Pick a mix of high and low numbers. The mix will contribute in nearing the jackpot.

3.Go through the list of past lottery winning numbers. Analyse them and pick a few from the highly used numbers.

4.Sum up the picked numbers. After you choose the numbers, add them all. If the number adds to 71 and 119 then there are high chances of winning as the analysis depict. 70% of lottery jackpot account for the summing the numbers for 119 and 71.

5.Repeat the hit numbers from the past drawings.

6.Never avoid picking up the hot and cold numbers in the play. They are a great help to attract the lottery win.


Ques1. How many numbers do you need to win the Cash 5 lottery?

All 5 numbers should match the winning ticket to win the jackpot. Player has to choose 5 numbers from the range of 1 to 37 and all 5 of them should match the winning ticket.

Ques2. Does 2 numbers win anything on Texas 5?
Yes, the match of 2 numbers wins one of the second tier prizes to the player. It is the fourth prize and it wins free cash five QuickPick tickets which is worth $1. Winning probability is 1 : 8.

Ques3. What numbers come out the most in the Cash 5 lottery?

The most common numbers popping in the Texas Cash 5 lottery are 05,32, 41.

Ques4. How much tax do you pay on lottery winning in Texas?

All the lottery winning in Texas above $5,000 has to pay 24% tax on the winning amount.

How to play and win the Texas Cash 5 lottery?
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