Euromillions to draw it’s first Superdraw on 5th Feb , 2021 worth €130 millions

Euromillions Superdraw

The Euromillions Superdraw is going to be held on the 5th feb,2021 worth €130 millions. It will be the first Superdaw for the year 2021. It is also known as the Super Jackpot and Megadraws in the UK and Ireland respectively. The Superdraw comprises a nine figure huge jackpot attracting the players like never before.

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The Superdraw will be certainly worth €130 millions irrespective of how much was the jackpot prize of the prior Euromillions draw. Also, the due funds added in the reserve fund of the Euromillions jackpot from each regular draw does not affect the jackpot prize of the Superdraw.

If the previous Euromillions jackpot has not been won before 5th Feb then the rolled over amount should not be equal or higher to €130 millions. If the rolled over amount happens to be higher than €130 millions then, the Superdraw will be cancelled. The Superdraw will be postponed and conducted some other time and the regular draw will continue.

Euromillions Superdraw Play Rules & Draws

  • The Euromillions Superdraw is played in the same way as the Euromillions lottery. The number picking and drawing system also remains the same except that the Superdraw jackpot prize is incredibly huge. If not won then it keeps rolling over just like any other normal draw.
  • If the Superdraw on 5th Feb worth €130 millions is not won, it will rollover to a staggering amount of €210 millions
  • The Euromillions jackpot had reached a flashing amount of €200 millions before being won just three rollovers later on the 11th December,2020. This jackpot prize is defined as the biggest prize awarded by Euromillions and is also labelled as Europe’s second largest lottery prize. A single ticket was purchased in France.
  • The rules stated in February 2020 deciphered that the jackpot cap increased up to €210 millions. The 5th Feb jackpot will take approximately 6 rollovers to reach the jackpot cap. The current Superdraw record is set up to €200 millions on 11th December.
  • It is not necessary to win the jackpot on the same night when it is drawn. Only 2 out of the 10 Superdraw have been won on the very same night as that of the drawing day.
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EuroMillions Superdraw announced for 5th February 2021
Euromillions Superdraw is being held on the 5th Feb,2021 which is going to be the first Superdraw for the year 2021. The Superdraw jackpot prize is worth €130 millions. If the prize is not claimed it will roll up to the staggering amount of €210 millions. The rules are same as the Euromillions play with a difference of the huge jackpot prize.
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