EuroMillion results for Tuesday, June 15: The winning numbers from $15m draw

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Euromillions Results are not yet arrived with the winning results of £14million. Everyone is curious to know about Euromillions winning numbers.

What do you think? Have you won the jackpot on June 15?

The Euromillion draw happens two times a week. Euromillion can play both British and European plays EuroMillions can become multi-millionaire.

The jackpot for tonight’s draw is a massive £14 million, but you can still win smaller prizes if you get at least two of the significant numbers. Everyone has waited for EuroMillions results.

New lottery players are welcomed and should know that Euromillions draws happen twice a week every Tuesday and Friday evenings.

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The ticket purchase system closes at 7.30 pm, and results are announced immediately on Tuesday and Friday. So, everyone has to wait for EuroMillions results soon after buying it.

There are various categories of prizes. Euromillions has 13 types of prizes. The prizes value is ranging from £2.50 to the entire jackpot.

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The amount of money you win is determined by how many numbers you match in the draw and whether anyone else has the same numbers as you.

Winning Numbers Of June 15 EuroMillions Lottery Results

Euromillion Winning Numbers: 11, 21, 26, 30, 31
Lucky stars: 2, 3

The Prize Structure Of EuroMillions lottery

  • Five numbers and two lucky stars: £14 m jackpot
  • Five numbers and on lucky star: £130,554.30
  • Five numbers: £13,561.20
  • Four numbers and two lucky stars: £844.70
  • Four numbers with one lucky star: £77.80
  • Three numbers with one lucky star: £37.80

Every ticket purchased includes a free entry into the UK Millionaire Maker. If you are buying a EuroMillions ticket, you will receive a code at no additional cost.

Odds Of Winning EuroMillions Jackpot

Because of the large payout, there are a lot of people who want to play. However, in every particular EuroMillions draw, only one person in every 139,838,160 will win the top prize.

The odds of winning the second prize, worth more than £130,500, are one in 6,991,908.