A builder wins Euromillions Jackpot worth £105M who assures to keep working after the win

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A builder named Steve Thomson claims the Euromillions jackpot worth £105M with a happy face. He is a father to 3 kids and lives in a shoebox three-bedroom house in Selsey, West Sussex. He was stunned to have the Euromillions winning numbers In his ticket. “I was shaking, like gibbering wreck says, Steve Thomson of moment he realised he had the winning numbers.” The first thing Steve thought after winning was that he would not stop working. 

Euromillions lottery worth £105M claimed by a 42 year old builder

The big jackpot came to him on the 25th Anniversary of the first National lottery draw. He plans to buy a new house with a bedroom each for their daughter and two sons. He could not digest the lottery win. “I walked round the living room a few times, I went out to the van, I went back in, it was 5 minutes of madness then I decided to go and tell Lenka, my wife.” His wife too got excited with the new and stated “it’s life changing for the family. It is so emotional.” 

When the winner described the win to his children, the eldest one asked if he could have his own room now. The second child asked to buy a Tesla and his youngest daughter asked him for a pink iPhone. Undoubtedly, all the demands were successfully fulfilled with the winning amount. 

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Decisions after winning the lottery

Steve Thomson vowed to finish all his pending work and assured for working even after winning the amount. “Once I am over the shock I will need to keep doing something. I am not the type to sit and chill” state the winner. 

He also mentions the trust of his business partner on him. He basically is a builder of windows and conservatories. “My business partner knows that if he needs a hand I’ll be there.” 

Steve has maintained good terms with his neighbours which was reflected when his neighbours spilled such good words for him on his win. “He’s a kind, good lad, I am happy for them. I would recommend him as a builder, he’s a trustworthy person.” 

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The Indian ticket seller 

The ticket seller ran a small shop that sold the winning ticket that day to Mr. Steve Thomson. They said that it was mind boggling to hear this news and we are glad to be a part of Steve’s winning story. 

Kandarp Patel and Preeti were both Indians and have run their shop since years. They had been waiting for a win from their store for a long time and they were happy to have this opportunity. They mentioned “It is mind boggling to have one of our customers have won the lottery.” 

A builder wins Euromillions Jackpot worth £105M who assures to keep working after the win
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A builder wins Euromillions Jackpot worth £105M who assures to keep working after the win
Steve Thomson, a builder from West Sussex won the Euromillions jackpot worth €105millions who chose to keep working even after the win. He lives with his who is a shopkeeper and 3 kids who have different demands from the winning amount and Steve will definitely fulfill all the demands successfully.
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