European Lottery(EL) Launches First Lottery Module on EL Learning Platform

El Learning Platefrom

“European Lotteries(EL) happily announces the launch of its very first lottery related E-learning module”.

While the workshop for HR and L&D professionals was conducted,European Lotteries introduced the concept of its learning platform and its modules, along with the general information on developments in the E-learning world.

This lottery module launched analyses the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) and pushes the individuals can offer their servings to compose a better world. It has put emphasis on the E-learning module can be utilised by lottery organisations even though the development is still in process.

European lotteries(EL) have served multiple players with the joy of making their dreams come true through a few labelled lotteries like the Euromillion & Euro jackpot lottery. With the expansion of the lottery industry, lottery related E-learning modules have become the need of the hour.Second Stage Lottery E-module Development.

Lottery organisations all over the world require a stepwise structure. The E-learning module at EL learning platform on lotteries gives a strong support for better development of the organisation.
European lotteries is working on the second CSR module which will describe the details of how lotteries can implement CSR into their organisations.

EL Learning Platform is accessible to all the employees at EL member lotteries with open arms allowing them to explore both, the general learning modules and lottery related modules.

A handout has been created which explains the additional information of the EL Learning platform and the stepwise procedure to register. Each lottery consists of a separate registration link under one roof. This page has made it easy for the individuals to start their E-learning distinctly.

European lotteries have left no page unturned to offer lucid access to offline and online lotteries. Now is the time to understand the strategic structure of the lottery industry through lottery related E-learning modules.