EL Gordo: Get to know all about Spanish Christmas Lottery


Christmas Spilling The El Gordo Lottery Details

When the jingle bells ring, Spanish Christmas lottery is round the corner sledding a snowy sack of huge jackpot and prizes. El Gordo lottery tickets are purchased from varied in-stores all over under the fairy lights embracing the festive season. El Gordo means “the fat one” hence, the lottery is named as El Gordo lottery deciphering It to be the biggest jackpot draw with major other motives tagged along. It is placed above all other lottery games because of the huge crowd it engages due to Christmas being around. Initiated in 1812, El gordo Lottery was established by the government with an agenda to incur money for the soldiers fighting the battle against Napoleons’ armies. The Spanish lottery ticket price was then 40reales for a jackpot worth 8000 pesetas.

El Gordo Spanish Chrimastas Lottery

Walk of Spanish Christmas lotto with rewards-

Spanish Christmas lottery’s ticket distribution begins right from July dragging a massive crowd till the mid December. When the calendar begins with December month, there are brim filled lines outside the stores to buy the El Gordo lotto tickets. Even while people go for grocery shopping or running regular errands they stop by the stores distributing tickets to purchase one for them.

Spanish Christmas lottery results are equal to a fanfare in the whole country attracting crowds from many other countries. As eager they are for the Christmas celebrations, equally hyper they are the Spanish lottery.

Spanish Lotto results are announced on the 22nd December at 9:00pm lighting up the festival and the Spanish lottery brighter.

Beginning of the El Gordo Lottery-

It began with a purpose of serving the soldiers proceeding with a delightful gambling. Government acknowledged the El Gordo lotto important for entertainment purposes and also to draw the attention of other countries towards Spain.

Christmas was called for the jackpot draw as it is the festival time and the Spanish Lottery jackpot prize worth stands €4 million today. As compared to the previous jackpot prize worth 8,000 pesetas it has risen up its standards to another level.

An excelling agenda of the El Gordo Lottery is to spread happiness and joy among the Spaniards. Mass in Spain spends much more than the jackpot prize of previous times, amounting up to €66.6 million per person.

The greatest prize is sharing-

El Gordo lottery flared an anthem called “El mayor premio es compartirlo” which means “Sharing is the greatest prize.” The prize of each Spanish lottery ticket is €200 which is fairly divided into 10 decimos resulting into €20 each. Each decimo consists of the same 5 digits and that can be present on several other tickets. This means that the prize money of the Spanish lottery will have to be divided multiple times, availing very less amount for each lottery ticket holder.

Splitting of the prize money is an unique aesthetic of this lotto game and that is the reason why it stands out from the other lotteries. This clearly satisfies the slogan they have set which is “Sharing is the greatest prize.”

To distribute happiness among our beloved ones, there are families and groups of friends who chip for a single decimo so that when the jackpot prize is won it is distributed among our people. The happiness of winning together adds up to the festivities maximizing the love internally.

Hence, the Spanish Christmas lottery is one of the biggest lotteries of the world spreading happiness and joy along with the prize money.

All should be in this together-

“What if the jackpot strikes here.” Is what is written on every grocery store, butcher store, pharma store etc. wherever possible to attract the mass. Participaciones are available in smaller portions of the lottery ticket for less price. They are smaller than the decimos and are available at all types stores leaving no Spaniard from buying the lottery ticket.

A bad luck Is when all your surrounding members hold one or the other ticket and you hold none. But the country never leaves anyone unlucky or left out. The resistive marketing of the country members together will push anyone up to buy a ticket for sure.
Celebrations for Christmas and Spanish Christmas lottery are done together at the same time under the colorful sky.

Which lucky number to pick?

The toughest part in all is to the numbers. There are people who prefer picking random lottery numbers. A few of them pick specific numbers laying pressure on their special dates or their loved ones special dates.
Keen lottery players select numbers with assumption power and calculation with a hope of winning the jackpot. Hence, the tough job is made easier when purchased in a syndicate or in a family group.

Once the numbers chosen by one member, it becomes the same for all and then the preparation for Christmas begins.