How’s your luck? Durban woman wins two Lotto jackpots in one month

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Have you heard of a winner winning 2 lotteries consecutively in one month? Well, Yes there is a Durban woman who has got lucky with 2 consecutive lottery wins in one month. The winner is now R28 million richer which is definitely a life changing moment. She was startled to win the R100 000 in the Daily lotto and then the R28 million lotto.

The lottery winner was definitely not expecting the win although she used to be a regular lottery ticket buyer.

The Durban winner becomes R28 million richer with 2 lotto wins

The winner was in her late 40s and purchased the lottery ticket using R100 wager from Nadasens Spar Savemor store in Merebank, south of Durban. She had opted for the Quick Pick option for automatic random number generation.

She stated “I was excited to learn that I had won the lotto jackpot, especially because four weeks ago I had won the R129 000 from Daily Lotto.”

“This is indeed my lucky year,” said the winner.

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Winning numbers for 24th Feb, 2021- 07,10,12,16,29,49 Bonus number – 21.

The winner won the jackpot with these numbers.

She mentioned that she was nervous about losing the ticket. So, she had put it in her boss’ safe for security. She was undoubtedly a regular buyer for lottery tickets and hoped for winning someday.

“Although I have not decided on how I am going to spend my winnings, I do know that I want to invest, assist a few of my family members, donate in one of my dearest charities and finally take an early retirement” stated the winner.

Group Chief executive Chairmaine Mabuza said all the winners of R500 000 and above will receive trauma counselling and extensive financial advice.

“This winner has expressed to us that she wants to invest some of her winnings and we are sure that we will assist her make the best decisions” said Mabuza.

Winning the Daily Lotto Jackpot

  • The lottery game consists of 36 numbers in total out of which the player has to match 5 numbers and a bonus ball.
  • Players have to pick 5 numbers from the range of 1 to 36. 1 bonus ball number from 1 to 25. Numbers can be manually picked or the Quick Pick option is available for automatic random number generation.
  • The Daily lotto jackpot begins from R100 000 and the lottery tickets are for R2.
  • The lotto results are drawn at 9:00 SAST and the tickets are to be purchased by 8:30 pm.
Durban woman wins two Lotto jackpots in one month
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Durban woman wins two Lotto jackpots in one month
The Durban wins two lotteries consecutively in month becoming R28 million richer. The lady was definitely stunned to be lucky for 2 wins with winning numbers being 07,10,12,16,29,49 bonus ball-21 for Daily lotto. The Daily lotto is simple to play as it requires 5 balls to match out of 36 numbers.
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