Did you win Saturday’s $200M Powerball drawing? Winning numbers, live results (20/3/2021)

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The Powerball Jackpot just hit $200 million in this Saturday’s draw. It also has an option for cash with $136.6 Million.

Last Saturday’s winning number were 1, 6, 22, 42 and 61. Here Powerball results drawn was 4 with a megaplier of 3x.
That’s why it hit $200 million with cash value of $136.6 Million.

In this game, approximately $1 million tickets were sold, and no one could hit the $185 million jackpot. These tickets were purchased in Michigan, South Carolina, Buffalo and New York. Each of these matched with five numbers but not in Powerball. The official said that ‘’no single ticket worth more than $200 for Powerball results and draw’’.

While Wednesday winning numbers were 34, 38, 42, 61, and 62. Here Powerball results of the draw were with 19 at 2x multiplier.

Powerball Jackpot odds are 292,201,388:1. Here who buys a ticket of $2 has chances of 1 in 11,688,053 to win $1 million, and to win $50,000, there are odds of 913,129:1. So it depends on luck to win that big amount, so more tickets are sold.

The Powerball lottery, the office in new jersey, can only be opened by appointment where you can claim your winnings of less than $599.50 in person with any retailer.

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Next jackpot draw day is march 25 2021 with estimated value of $220 million. Here cash value is $147.8 million.

The Powerball Results are plentiful here, though some players were missed claiming the amount. So, the Powerball lottery also accepting claim via mails. Also, they have noticed that the payments can be delayed too. The official also noted that the winner must make copies of their tickets and forms for their record and safety.

How to play the Powerball lottery?

Here is the step-by-step procedure.

1. Number selection
2. Ticket purchasing
3. Drawing of winning numbers
4. Selection of payment type
5. Ticket validation

1.Number Selection:

before playing any lottery games like Powerball, first you have to decide the lottery ticket numbers. It is the most essential step.

2.Ticket Purchasing

You can buy tickets from your desired sequence of numbers or by using quick picks. It is on you. Buy tickets and take a purchase receipt if the provider provides it.

3.Drawing of Winning Numbers

This is when you have to look for your matching numbers withdrawal numbers. If it’s the match, then you have won the jackpot.

4.Selection of payment type

This is the most essential step to follow. You can select cash payments with a lump sum amount or an annual one. It’s up to you.

5.Ticket Validation

Some rules like the ticket must be intact, genuine, original, and you are the owner of it. There are scenarios where tickets are tempered, copied, reconstructed for cheating. Still, the computer system is there for verification of the tickets. If it is not validated, then you may lose the winning amounts. So it’s better to take care of tickets.