DID YOU KNOW? 5 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Lottery Ticket, Lottery Money

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The lottery is one of the most curious, aback and straightforward things. The best part about this door prize is that you can  test your luck from anywhere, so don’t worry if you live outside the U.S., your lotto ticket you can buy you happiness.

Most of us pay no attention to lotteries except that when the amount rises to a pleasing figure we also reach a nearby store to try our luck. The higher the jackpot, the higher the players and the higher the players mean higher prayers. Lotto is full of strange surprises and curious feelings, but it also has an amazing history, mind-blowing facts, and stunning stories.

We’ve seen a lot of big jackpots revealed that made a lot of milliners overnight. Like me, you’d also be waiting for that night to come and fill the wallet with never-ending money. But before the night arrives and leaves us with a lot of unknown facts and questions, let’s see some jaw-dropping and fascinating facts about the lottery that hardly anyone knows.

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DID YOU KNOW: Where is this much lottery money going?

Of the total lottery money, 50-60% money goes to the winners. Retailers also get commissions selling the ticket that accounts for up to 5% of the revenue from the lottery. Approximately 10 percent goes to administrative costs and overhead for running the game.

The rest of the lottery money goes to the participating states. The states that sell the most tickets receive a larger percentage of revenue. State lottery revenue goes entirely to the hosting state. The rest is usually allocated to public works, most commonly the education system, social programs for the homeless, the elderly, and drug and alcohol treatment.

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DID YOU KNOW: Lotteries have a long history, much older than you think.

Lotteries have been played over a longer period of time, back from what we could imagine. Even though we cannot define how far precisely but it got its renown from ancient Rome and China as early as 100 BC. In fact, the first recorded lotteries with a price of money were held in the Low Countries in the 15th century.

DID YOU KNOW: Lottery money is hard to save.

A binman named Michael Carroll a UK National Lottery English winner in 2002. He won an attractive price of £ 9 million. This lotto lout was more interested in buying fancy cars, beachside houses, throwing house parties and drugs.

But as it is said, it’s hard to save money, he ended up with no money left. He applied for his old job as a binman in May 2010 after moving back to Downham Market.

DID YOU KNOW: Once there were 110 winners in one draw.

Something unusual happened on March 30 in 2005 that even the left Powerball operators confused and suspicious. There were 110 winners in second prize division. Powerball goes on several rounds in a row and no one scoops the jackpot. After research by Powerball organization, they found out that a lucky fortune cookie was making the rounds in Chinese restaurants across the country and people were playing the lucky numbers of the cookie.

This fortune cookie made $ 100,000 winner for 89 ticket holders and $ 500,000 for 21 people because they chose the Power Play that multiplied their winnings. An important note, leaving aside facts, cookies of fortune are good for you.

DID YOU KNOW: The biggest amount spent to buy lottery tickets?

An Australian math genius listed all possible combinations of numbers for Lotto 6/44 in 1992. He purchased five million combinations out of seven million outcomes at 1 dollar each. Eventually, the effort and investment paid off as his ticket matched all the numbers, making him a $ 27 million jackpot owner. Virginia Lottery considered banning the group’s strategy, but the motion did not pass and it remains a legal strategy.

DID YOU KNOW? 5 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Lottery Ticket, Lottery Money
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DID YOU KNOW? 5 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Lottery Ticket, Lottery Money
Where is this much lottery money going? Lottery money is hard to save. The biggest amount spent to buy lottery tickets?
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