Daily Lotto South Africa Lottery Results For 8 Nov, 2020

Daily Lotto South Africa Result today

Daily Lotto South Africa Lottery is one of the best online lottery designed by South Africa. Daily lotto results are drawn everyday making innumerable players lucky with the reward.The Daily lotto play is simpler than any other lottery game as it avoids the anxiety of waiting and a direct pick of 5 numbers has to be done. SA daily lottery games have less excess so the odds of winning are also high. South Africa attends other top lotteries too with online lottery access. On seeing the players’ craving to try their luck for the lottery, they introduced the daily lotto. The reward amount is comparatively lower than the other national lotteries but it does suffice the extravagant needs of the players. It is defined as one of the best lotteries because of it’s everyday draw concept and the ease of purchasing lottery tickets.

Time for Daily Lotto is ticking

Players always sit with owl eyes to target the jackpot however, South Africa daily lotto has definitely made the lottery system more exciting. Daily Lotto is drawn everyday at 9:15pm SAST and the limit to purchase lottery tickets ends at 8:30pm SAST.

Daily Lotto winning numbers for 8th November 2020 were 10,18,19,25,29 worth R591,582.00.

SA daily lotto rolled 01,07,09,14,22 as the winning numbers on 2nd November.

The winning jackpot is never fixed, it keeps fluctuating from R 200,000 and R1000,000.

How to play the SA Daily Lotto

Till 8:30pm SAST lottery tickets from any near-by store can be purchased for a miser amount on a daily basis. 5 numbers are to be picked of your own choice from a pool of 1 to 36. Quick picks can also be targeted.

SA daily lotto results are flashed in the stores and also on the official website of the jackpot and 50% of the prize pool is allocated to the prize pool. A player who wins the jackpot is granted a year’s time to claim the prize and collect the jackpot.
Prior to 8th November, the SA daily lotto results were drawn on 2nd November and the next lottery draw is going to be held on 11th November.