Covid Nurse aims to buy Caribbean home for retirement after lottery win

Covid Nurse Wins Lottery, Wants To Buy Caribbean Home

Teresa Robinson, aged 65, from Woodbridge, Suffolk, will leave the nursing profession in June after 35 years.
Since winning £10,000 in the national lottery, a nurse served during the covid-19 pandemic plans to purchase a house on a Caribbean island.

She and her husband, aged 62-year, self-employed builder Charlie Hobson, are hoping that winning would enable them to spend more time on the Caribbean island of Nevis, where Mr. Hobson’s family is from.

Mr. Robinson purchased her lucky Dip ticket from Hollesley post office on April 15 and matched the five critical numbers in the set for life drawing.

I’ve nursed all over the world under all kinds of circumstances but never have I been checked as hard as in the last 12 months; at times, it’s been utterly horrifying, she added.

She said, I’m honored to have supported my nation during the pandemic, and I believe I’ve deserved my retirement and the relaxing days we’ll enjoy on Nevis until it’s safe to fly.

Her husband’s family is from the Nevis, so they have visited many times, but due to her nursing and job, they never stayed long.
Now, they are planning a proposal to buy a house there to spend months there, taking in all the island has to provide and keeping up with the family.

She reviewed her ticket in the morning after the draw while having a cup of tea with her husband.

They acquire their tickets but still split the winnings, so when she checked her ticket and heard the winning voice, she wanted to look enough for a bit of treat for their dinner, not £10,000 per month for a year,” she said.

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She said she was jumping off the walls, but her husband was cool, looked at it and clearly said that he knew they we’d win it one day, kissed me on the cheek, and went outside to finish their expansion.

She told her two daughters about the winning before Camelot to affirm the victory.

“Our festivities on Friday were a little subdued, with a cup of coffee replacing the Champagne we should have been drinking to celebrate the win,” she said. “And my first buy as a National Lottery winner, a box of wooden pegs from the village market, wasn’t that frivolous either!”

Ms. Robinson has been with Mr. Hobson, who is recognized as Champagne Charlie due to his passion for the drink, for four years.
“They had many exciting plans right before this incredible win, and they feel so fortunate to be together,” She said.

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Last year they agreed to build their dream home together after they thought about the renovation project.

They managed to finish the project before drawing pensions, and they realized that they have to be a little more vigilant with their pennies.

Now, they do not have to be careful about the project, and also they can start on Nevis, too, thanking lucky win.

Covid Nurse aims to buy Caribbean home for retirement after lottery win
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Covid Nurse aims to buy Caribbean home for retirement after lottery win
A nurse from the Covid 19 department wins the lottery and wants to buy a Caribbean home. Before winning the lottery, she and her husband were not staying together with family for much time, so they now will have a chance to live together.
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