Christmas Bells with Christmas Lottery & Lotto Advent Calendar 2020


Christmas festival sledding in the Christmas lottery and Lotto Advent Calendar filled with an overview of all lotteries, draw dates and draw times, so that none of you miss out on any lotteries. A whole week of Christmas celebrations filled with warm and joyful days along with the Christmas lottery and Lotto Advent Calendar makes it a delightful experience.

One of the ancient Christmas traditions which continue today is the Christmas Lottery. It is celebrated in Germany as well as other countries with their own respective rules and gift hampers. Players purchase the lottery tickets, sit together with family awaiting the Christmas lottery winning numbers to roll.Being with family escalates the joy and happiness of winning the lottery.

German Christmas Lottery was officially launched in November 2017.

Christmas bells call for sharing hence, the friends and families share the lotteries as well. To make the holidays more interesting, lotto-blog introduces you to the Christmas lotto play in detail.


A historical walk in to the Christmas Lottery

The trend of this German Christmas Lottery is derived from the Spanish lottery concept which began 200 years back. It can be mildly defined as the German El Gordo.

The first Spanish Lottery draw was rolled on 1812 on 22nd DECEMBER and on the Iberian Peninsula and since then the Spanish Christmas Lottery has taken place on this same date announcing the nearing of Christmas.

How is German Christmas lottery different Spanish Lottery?


German Lottery follows almost the same rules as the Spanish Lottery to play.Players can purchase the ticket from in-stores or online lottery tickets can also be purchased.

Players who have spent a long time in the lottery industry would clearly know that there is hardly any difference between the two. The Spanish lottery is a near reference model for the German Christmas lottery.

Undergoing the Spanish Lotto play becomes easy to figure the rules for the German Christmas Lotto as well. While Santa comes riding on the horse, German Christmas lottery comes riding with a bag full of gifts for the lottery players.

Old Christmas lotto play vs Modern day lottery online

The El Gordo lottery tickets are divided into 170 sections hence, the first prize of El Gordo prize can have the winners for 170 times. This means that all the players can receive a pre-Christmas gift consisting of the same lottery ticket number.

In Spain too, the distribution of the tenth lottery tickets and even the smaller portions of it is an old tradition. This leaves every inner with a small piece of the huge cake for sure.

The German Christmas lottery slightly differs from the Spanish Christmas lottery in this case. They prefer to distribute the new series of numbers only after 99,500 lottery pieces of the same series are sold. This eventually leads to higher individual profits as compared to the Spanish lottery rewards.

At the end it is all about enjoying the festival with the dear ones under the tree wishing the best for ourselves and the others with or without the lottery.

Christmas season Lottery Drawings

Date Lottery Cut Off time Draw
19.12.2020 Saturday Lotto Saturday, 7.00am Saturday, 7.30pm
20.12.2020 Powerball Sunday, 4.29am Sunday, 4.59am
22.12.2020 Euromillion Tuesday, 9pm Tuesday, 9.30pm
23.12.2020 Wednesday Lotto Wednesday, 6.00am Wednesday, 6.30am
24.12.2020 Powerball Thursday, 4:29am Thursday, 4:59am
25.12.2020 Eurojackpot Friday, 7:00am Friday, 7:30pm
25.12.2020 Euromillion Friday, 9pm Friday, 9:30pm
26.12.2020 Saturday Lotto Saturday, 7:00am Saturday, 7:30pm
27.12.2020 Powerball Sunday, 4:29am Sunday, 4:59am
29.12.2020 Euromillion Tuesday, 9pm Tuesday, 9:30pm

This table gives you a sneak-peek into the Christmas lotteries.The Lotto Advent Calendar always keeps pinging you on the drawing days and also on the previous days to buy Christmas lottery tickets online.

Lotto Advent Christmas Calendar 2020

Lotto Advent Calendar is all decked up with the date, time and notifications to give a reminder of the lottery. This calendar makes the whole process of the Christmas lottery lucid and more exciting.

An easy and quick way to purchase lottery tickets online with one touch.

Christmas always brings happiness, glitters, warmth and a new year to look forward to. With all other happiness, it would be great to fill in your bags with a lottery win. Be it the Spanish El Gordo lottery or the German Christmas lottery, it is going to be a great run for the lottery chase.