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Everything You Need to Know about the Euromillion Superdraw

The Euromillion Superdraw jackpot is a special lottery event that takes place on a regular basis and features large nine-figure jackpots. The rules for the Euromillion Superdraw are the same…

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The Euromillions Jackpot rolls up to £180M which could make a global record

The Euromillions jackpot is rolled up to a staggering amount of £180M or the Tuesday draw which will take place on 23/02/21. No winner claimed the jackpot on the previous…

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The National Lottery ‘EuroMillions’ results from Tuesday 02 February 2021

Euromillions results for Tuesday 2nd feb,2021 is for a staggering amount of £35m. The one who takes away the prize is going to have a life changing opportunity to live…

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Euromillions Results Today

EuroMillions Lottery Results Friday, 29th January 2021

The Euromillions results were disclosed on the 29th Jan,2021 on Friday at 8:45 pm for a jackpot worth £27m. Euromillions lottery is one of the most favored and awaited ones…

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Euromillions Superdraw

Euromillions to draw it’s first Superdraw on 5th Feb , 2021 worth €130 millions

The Euromillions Superdraw is going to be held on the 5th feb,2021 worth €130 millions. It will be the first Superdaw for the year 2021. It is also known as the…

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Euromillions Hotpicks Winning numbers for 29th December, 2020

The Euromillions and Euromillions Hotpicks are one of the most popular lotteries in the UK. The results are drawn twice a week on every Tuesday and Friday at 8:20p.m. GMT….

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Euromillions National Lottery Results to grab a lottery prize worth €175m

Euromillions Lottery awaiting its biggest winner The Euromillions Lottery is about to roll the biggest ever jackpot worth £ 175m. If any player wins this lottery then, the player will…

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El Learning Platefrom

European Lottery(EL) Launches First Lottery Module on EL Learning Platform

“European Lotteries(EL) happily announces the launch of its very first lottery related E-learning module”. While the workshop for HR and L&D professionals was conducted,European Lotteries introduced the concept of its…

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Can Americans Play the Euromillions Lottery IN 2021?

A peak if Euro Millions is Available Foreign Euro millions Lottery lists in one of the top lotteries of the world collaborated within 9 European countries- France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Ireland,…

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Play and win the European Jackpots Odds of winning the Euro jackpot and Euro millions lottery is 1:95,344,200 and 1:140 million respectively which can be presumed as next to impossible….

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