Toronto woman wins $60 million Lotto Max lottery

Toronto woman wins $60 millions worth Lotto Max for which winning numbers came to husband in “Dream”

Toronto woman wins $60 million Lotto Max lottery A woman in Toronto named Deng Pravatoudom wins a Lotto Max jackpot worth $60 millions. She has been playing the lottery for…

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Daily Lotto South Africa Result today

Daily Lotto South Africa Winning Numbers Rolled for 18th Jan , 2021

South Africa has Daily Lotto South Africa lotto as its National lottery with popularity spread wide across. The jackpot is estimated everyday depending on the ticket sales, 50% of which…

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Set for life lottery winning numbers & results

Lottery Results Live – Set for Life Winning Numbers & Results announced for 18th Jan , 2021

Set for life lottery believes in announcing the results on the first day of the week to avoid the Monday blues for the players. The Set for life lottery is…

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lotto jackpot

Powerball Jackpot Results for the rolls for $550 millions on 13th Jan , 2021

The Powerball jackpot is designated as one of the most vital lottery in the lottery industry. 13th Jan,2021 is a Wednesday and the players should pop their eyes out to…

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win jackpot

EuroMillions Jackpot Results for Friday 15th January 2021

The Euromillions jackpot draws on every Friday making the weekends happy for the winners. Those who have invested must wait with wide eyes for the Euromillions winning numbers to win…

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Megamillons Winning Numbers

Was the Mega millions jackpot worth $750 millions won on the 15th Jan , 2021?

The Mega millions jackpot grabs the second highest popularity in the lottery Industry. Though the $750 millions jackpot was not claimed but second tier winners were announced. After the Powerball…

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Powerball Lottery : Powerball Winning Numbers for 16 Jan Drawing : $640M Jackpot

The Powerball jackpot is one of the most chased and favored lottery in the whole world. Lottery players are immensely attracted to the Powerball lotto play as it gives out…

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All about the Online Lottery Terms & Services

How can a novice player understand all the terms and services in a lotto play?? The answer is “PLAY MORE.” The online lottery is an easy way to access the…

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Powerball Lotto Result and winning numbers

Powerball and Powerball Plus results & winning numbers for 12th January , 2021

The Powerball and Powerball Plus are one of the very famous lotteries in South Africa. It tops the chart of popularity worldwide amongst several lottery players. Considering that it’s Tuesday…

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Euromillions results and winning numbers for Tuesday January 12 , 2021

The Euromillions lottery results enhances the Tuesday & Friday nights as the drawings are held on these days twice a week and this lottery is one of the most popular…

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