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$238 million Powerball Jackpot won by only one sold ticket in Florida

This is the first time the lottery player purchased all six numbers to win a $238 million Powerball jackpot. In general, people buy only some numbers to win it, but…

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A lucky woman of North Carolina(NC) won a $373,741 Lottery Jackpot on her lucky day

Sadhana Patel, a citizen of New Bern, North Carolina, bought a Rockin bingo ticket of $5 from the store, and she won a $373,741 jackpot. On her 20th wedding anniversary,…

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Powerball lottery results

South Carolina Man Wins On Two Powerball Tickets Worth $200,000

In Summerville, South Carolina, a man won an amount of $200,000 by buying two lottery tickets, and luck got lucky here. He actually won $100,000 two times by buying two…

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In the new year’s lottery, 1Million won by an Arlington man

Arlington winner claims $1 million raffle prize from Virginia lottery

Daniel Schuman’s wife bought tickets for him in the new year’s raffle, and he just won the 1M dollars. Normally, people buy things for their enjoyment and love purposes like…

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Mega Millions - Check Your Number

Mega Millions Lottery Results for 23 March 2021

Richard Wahl, the winner of the $533 million lottery, came to lottery headquarters to accept his big check. Have you got lucky on Mega Millions? Check the number if you…

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What is Lottery Syndicate, and How does it work

What is Lottery Syndicate, and How does it work?

To win the lottery more and more, people always try some new tips and tricks. But at some time, there is some limit to tips and tricks. Here online lottery…

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6 Tips on How to Win The New York (NY) Lotto in 2021

Everyone wants to be a champion in lottery winning. You can win lottery with some easy tricks, but you have to focus on some things that will lead to the…

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Did you win Saturday’s $200M Powerball drawing? Winning numbers, live results (20/3/2021)

The Powerball Jackpot just hit $200 million in this Saturday’s draw. It also has an option for cash with $136.6 Million. Last Saturday’s winning number were 1, 6, 22, 42…

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Do's and Don'ts of Lottery Game

Do’s and Don’ts of Lottery Game

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery, everyone tries different tricks and strategies, some of them are successful and some of them are not successful in winning lotteries. The player…

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Tips to know about playing the Sikkim lottery

Top tips to know about playing the Sikkim Lottery in India

Sikkim lottery offers you to win Rs 10 crore with just a ticket of Rs 6. Yes, this is true. This is why the Sikkim lottery is the best lottery…

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