List of top 5 Indian Websites to Play Lottery in India

Play online lottery in India

While you wish to play online lottery in India, the first thought you would have would be about Best online lottery site to kick start playing lotto. Well, playing the lottery in India has always been a debatable topic. After years of struggle, finally in the 1980s the Public Gaming Act was passed. This act mentioned giving the authority to the state government to decide if their state fellows could play lottery games or not. Currently out of 29 states, 13 states in India are allowed to play lottery legally.

Lottery legal in India

The best solution to this delicate topic Is playing online lottery in India. Is it possible for Indian players to play International lotteries from India? Yes, certainly, a very big smile would have appeared on all the interested lottery players from India. Buying online lottery tickets for top international lotteries like the Powerball, Mega millions, Euromillions, Eurojackpot, etc. has become possible due to one of the best lottery sites in India.

Online lottery websites from which allow Indian players to participate are highly safe and handled with care. Since it has been a dicey play for the Indians to participate, the online lottery websites utmost transparency with the Indian players. It is very easy to play the lottery through online websites from India as it is highly durable and manageable. Let us walk through all the lottery websites accessible to Indian to play lottery online in India.

A Glance of 5 Best Lottery Websites in India

Lottery players should get all charged up instead of controlling the urge to play lottery. Here we jot down a list top 5 leading best 5 lottery websites for Indian players. The access is going to be easy, legal and manageable in all the sites. All the online lottery sites have been thoroughly analyzed and studied.

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The LottoKings is one of the leading online lottery websites all over the world. It is very safe and accessible from all corners of the globe. Indian players can play the international lotteries online through this website. It is a legal website and Indian players can legally play here. Indian players can make the payment through credit card, debit card, Netteler and Skrill as they are the authentic sources.

Playing online lottery through Lotto Kings will be a stress free journey. Once you register and make your account, leave it all up to them. Lotto Kings notifies all the players for the coming up draws, their results and definitely an official email regarding the win if you have won any prize.
Pick the lottery you would like to play, purchase the online lottery ticket, choose the numbers and submit the ticket. Wait for the results to be drawn, the results will flash on the website soon after.

Lotto Kings deliver the prize amount directly to the players without deducting any tax charges from their end. The entire process takes place smoothly and transparently.


Lottoland website is almost like the go to site for all the Indian players. Anything related to lottery, casino games or any other online betting, Lottoland is the safest and the best option for India players. Besides the lottery, it offers online casino games also. It is regulated and managed by the UK Commission which deciphers the standard of safety and certainty.

As a player if you have won a prize, you will get it the direct way. No tax will be charged from the Lottoland website.

Along with being the host of international lotteries, it offers other jackpots to participate and win quick easy online money. Cash4life, Kenow are the online lotto games which are offered by Lottoland and on other websites at all.

For making it more user friendly an app called Lottoland has been developed for all the mobile users. It is applicable in android and ios phones. Lottoland provides the players with scratch cards, instant win games, live dealer games etc.


The Lotter is one another website which edges off the transparency in online lottery games for the players. It is an MGA licensed game offering 50 plus lotteries on the website.

Daily and local draws are also there on The lotter for the players to try their luck. Above all is the insane discounts and offers on the websites. Players get highly attracted to play online lotteries in India on The Lotter because of the amazing discounts.

1.Buying entries into lotteries in advance: up to 25% discount

2.Subscribing to lotteries: every 7th or 10th ticket for free

3.Buying bundles of tickets: up to 17% discount

Buying online lottery tickets is the best thing for the players to do. It is like shopping on sale, buying online lottery tickets up to Rs,5000 and getting a cashback of Rs.1000. Such blockbuster offers pull the Indian players to this website at great speed. It also has syndicates formed and you can enter in either of them to increase the odds of winning the jackpot.


A total of 16 draws can be entered through the Lotto247 which includes all the top lotteries such as the Powerball lottery, Mega millions, etc. Licensed and regulated by the Curacao Antillephone N.V, Lotto247 effortlessly fulfills the player’s hearts with high end lotto play.
It consists of an insurance backed business model. It hires a third party and for every single wager paid to Lotto247, they pay a decided fee to the third party. This is done for tighter security purposes between the players and the jackpot amount. If a player wins a big jackpot then the amount is paid by the bank to the Lotto247 which is transferred to the winner’s account.

This deciphers their care and concern for the player’s invested money and their high hopes to win.

If a player enters the website for the first time then he receives a free powerball jackpot ticket to play.
Syndicates are formed but they are very rare. Not all the draws have syndicates formed in Lotto247.

Online lottery tickets can be very easily purchased through debit card or Mastercard. They accept only euros for paying the ticket amount.


Operated by the lottery concierge behemoth ‘The Lotter’, Lotto Smile enables Indian players to enter more than 50 different lotto’s, all sorted under one roof. The Lotto Smile brings a smile to the players’ face by serving them high end security and certainty. Players have to enter and make an account. Choose the lottery you wish to play, select the numbers and also the number of plays. The rest remains the Lotto Smile’s responsibility.

On hand quick notifications of all the lotto plays, draws, dates, winning numbers and the winners are given. All the devices can use the Lotto Smile effortlessly. You will be guided from their end for mindful lottery investments. Playing online lottery from India has become as easy as buying a local toy due this website.

If the player is stuck, a live chat is arranged to guide the player further. The live chat option is available at any hour of the day. Jackpots worth any amount are directly transferred to the player’s account with deduction in between.

List of top 5 Indian Websites to Play Lottery in India
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List of top 5 Indian Websites to Play Lottery in India
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