Best 5 Lottery Strategy To Win The Jackpot in 2021


Lotteries have been an integral part of quite a huge mass to win quick money. With new year comes in new ways to win the jackpot with the best lottery strategies to apply. 2020 has been an absolutely different year with masks and social distancing and with that the lottery revenue also dropped down compared to the prior years. The pandemic year brought in the use of technology in the right way. Lottery tickets online were purchased in bulk and it’s only the online way that the lottery industry has been running the whole year.

Any lottery strategy implemented will be an analysis of several thoughts and each strategy will be aiming to win the lottery. Any lottery cannot be won at one go. Different tricks and tactics have to be explored several times and only then one can know the base of a lottery system.

Considering the current virtual times, people need to understand the online system more than anything. However, the official websites provide an entire guideline to play the lottery The new tricks and ways to near the lottery win have been encompassed in the article below.

#Tip 1 Know the odds of winning before choosing the game

Before you tailor the strategy for a lottery, understand the lotto play. The odds of winning the international lotteries is way too slim. If you try for the Powerball lottery then a two times try is enough as the odds of winning the lottery is 1 in 291,201,338.

The odds of winning the Lotto 6/49 lottery is 1 in 13,983,816. So try harder for the ones which have more chances of winning than losing.

Also, target the second tier prizes The wins in the tier prizes are also sufficient. So while picking the numbers, explore the entire range to get at least 3 or 4 correct matches.

#Tip 2 Use the right kind of numbers statistically

Hot and Cold Numbers in Lottery

While playing a lottery, many players analyse the past draws. One can analyse a few months’ draws or a year’s draws. Going back to draws for more than a year will not decipher the current trends. The current trends include looking at the “hot numbers”, “cold numbers” and the “overdue numbers”.

Hot numbers are those which have been rolled most frequently in the draws. If a number has been occurring over and over from last 6 months then the player should consider it hot.

Cold numbers are those which have barely occurred in the last few draws. They hide more and pop less. The ones which haven’t occurred in the last 6 months are called the cold numbers.

Overdue numbers are those which have not occurred in a little while. It is a way of playing “against the drawn numbers.” The more you go back into the past records, the more overdue numbers will be obtained.

Either pick one category to play or mix the hot, cold and overdue numbers together and pick the numbers in the lottery ticket.

#Tip 3 Choose the right combination of numbers

Know the odds of winning before choosing the game

It is important to learn that lottery numbers cannot be picked form one particular line or only the odd numbers or even numbers. Lottery ticket number should be a balance of numbers. Balance of hot & cold, odd & even, low & high or whichever strategy the player prefers. The agenda is to explore the entire given range that is balanced with the right combination.

Odd & even numbers- A lottery ticket full of only odd or only even numbers Is of no use. A ticket balanced with the number of odd and even numbers increases the odds of winning the lottery. A few players opt for 4 odd + 1 even numbers.3 odds + 2 even numbers, etc. However, it Is not necessary to follow this pattern only. Necessary to maintain a balance and chase the jackpot win.

Low & high numbers- There is a trick of dividing the total numbers in the drum by 2 and then segregating the numbers into odd and even. If there are 70 balls in the drum then dividing it by two makes it 35. Further the balls are segregated evenly into odd and even numbers by taking 5+1 numbers or 2 + 4 numbers.

Players tend to measure the high and low numbers while picking for the lottery ticket. Any of the two or three correct numbers can also give them productive tier prizes. Hence, the analysis on high and low numbers are carried out.

#Tip 4.Implement the Pick 3 strategy

Pick 4 strategy - Lotto Blog

This is a powerful strategy to apply specially for the amateur players. The strategy focuses on using 3 numbers per combination. The key part to do is to pick 3 right numbers to have other potential combinations of numbers to consider. Majority lotteries don’t require over the top combinations which saves the players from over investing.

The simplest is to pick 9 numbers from A to I and apply all the possible 3 number combinations. Of course it will end up the player over investing but it all depends on how much the player wants to risk.

If the player has 9 numbers from A TO I with a key digit as A. There will be a bucket full of 28 combinations for the player which will automatically increase the odds of winning the lottery. The combinations can be ABC, ABD, ABE, ABF, ABG, ABH, ABI, ACD, ACE, ACF, ACG, ACH, ACI, ADE, ADF, ADG, ADH, ADI, AEF, AEG, AEH, AEI, AFG, AFH, AFI, AGH, AGI, and AHI.

#Tip 5 Pick 4 strategy

It is the same as the Pick 3 strategy with a minute difference of adding 4 numbers instead of 3.

The players have to pick 5 numbers for the Pick 4 strategy. If there are A to E numbers given then the mixes can be ABCD, ABCE, ABDE,ACDE. Since it is difficult to identify the real combinations, players prefer to increase the number in the Pick 4 strategy.

When numbers from 0 to 9 are assigned, then a total 220 combinations can take place.

There can be one more strategy called the Pick 5 strategy which includes more numbers and more combinations. The better the number picking, more productive the combinations will be formed.

The key point to winning the lottery is to dive into it. Based on other’s experiences and winning strategies you cannot assume your win or lose. You have to start playing by yourself to get a clear idea about the lottery.

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Best 5 Lottery Strategy To Win The Jackpot in 2021
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