Digitalization is going to be the evolution globally eloping all the sectors into it. Letters to emails, camera to phone cameras, webcams to instant video calls, bank queues to e-transactions, paper money to google pay are all a part of the digital evolution taking place. Lotteries too have been stepping into the digital era with the introduction of e-tickets instead of the paper tickets. Youngsters barely prefer the long queues, rather they would prefer tapping a click and buying 5 more lottery tickets. The generation is changing and so are their thoughts. To keep up with them it is vital to adapt the digitized lottery system. Such methods will engage more consumers cornering all the barriers such as age, inconvenience, hesitation to try, discomfort of the buying process, money investment, restricted to only state lotteries, etc.

A comfort level will be tagged along with digitalization conquering the world in all sectors. The dedicated clientele where the players would walk to the store and wait for the tickets are decreasing with passing time, at the same time the clientele of visiting online portal services like the Lottoland, are increasingly attracting the consumers of all ages. Purchasing power of the regular players have increased globally and the distantly interested people have initiated to download and start buying single tickets to experiment. Such an escalating graph in the lottery economy is observed due to the ease and user-friendliness offered by the online lottery tickets.

Online lottery marketing plays directly with the psychology of the human brain and markets extensively. The temptation of lottery has pulled a huge crowd since ages which is now topped with the online availability of tickets. Digitalization has shortened the bridge of discomfort with an elongated lake of ease and feasibility.

Lottery world saw an instant and unexpected shoot in the selling of tickets with the launch of online portals which grouped in majority lotteries, starting from the US
Powerball to all the local state lotteries. The change in the lottery system has walked in with an equilibrium between the investment of owners and their returns which was not the case before. The tale of online lotteries diminished a few consequences and raged in new avenues.

Decreased hurdles to buy the tickets
Increased attraction of humans towards lotteries
Levelled up safety measures
Strict lottery policies prevailed
Access to lotteries increased globally
Reach of lotteries geared up along
Unnatural accidents regarding money shifts descended
Acceptance to foreign lotteries
Multiple communication channels linked internally
Attracted younger audience
Easy scalability and inventory management for the operators
Authenticity of tickets and winnings
Enhanced transparency
Assured play of randomly ordered numbers
High availability of tickets
Less paper waste leading to Go Green campaign

The online lottery seems to have an affordable effect as both the ends of the society are enabled with the internet and wifi connections hence, the digitalization broke all the barriers making it an altogether convenient application. High intensity attraction towards lottery turned into an affirmative hyperbolic one. Marketing strategies are also re-designed which gives another level boost to the consumers turning players hence, the remuneration has never taken a set back since the online lotteries. Stimulation in e-lottery was no less than a buzz due to digitalization.

A deep rooted online lottery system keeps a consumer engaged in the lottery play even if they are not on the winning side. Online lotteries enunciate a much louder horizon than only the jackpot. The multiple second chances, second prizes which are never less sufficient, wide several opportunities, instant scratch cards and what not.

Step by step transition of lottery from the least acknowledged piece of paper to the most attended lottery game all over the world, it has had a great ride. Never miss out trying your luck, you never know what’s next to come.

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