Arlington winner claims $1 million raffle prize from Virginia lottery

In the new year’s lottery, 1Million won by an Arlington man

Daniel Schuman’s wife bought tickets for him in the new year’s raffle, and he just won the 1M dollars.

Normally, people buy things for their enjoyment and love purposes like some people buy chocolates, flowers and clever ones buy lottery tickets. Yes, this is true that some people get enjoyment from this. And if you are a bit of luck, then you win the lottery.

Here it comes the lucky winner; Daniel Schuman just got his luck so powerful. According to Arlington, the attorney expressed that Daniel never plays the lottery or does scratch cards. But his wife randomly bought him a ticket for Virginia’s new year millionaire raffle.

That day, Daniel’s luck was on the top, and that single lucky ticket won 1M dollars.

Daniel told officials that they saw that the numbers were matched and did not believe in it, so they checked and verified again. Daniel and his wife said that they were in shock and they have never expected it.

Daniel purchased this 1M dollar ticket in 7-eleven north Fairfax drive, Allington. He was one of the top winners in the new year’s lottery drawing result.

Daniel has no idea what to do with the winning price, he said to lottery officials.

The other prize tickets from New year’s lottery tickets were bought in Chesapeake and Portsmouth, and other tickets have won $100,000 each by five tickets. Another person got a win of 10M dollars on Feb 14 and bought Manassas.

How to play this lottery and win?

  • Select the play amount, and you can choose 4 for $1
  • Choose play type, and you will see the variety of option, so select it accordingly.
  • Now, you can select day draw or night draw, or you can select both
  • Select your numbers from 0000 to 9999.
  • You can use auto selection, or you can select manually.
  • The draw declares every day at 1:59 pm and 11 pm.

The Virginia lottery made $650M for public schools in 2019.

If you know that your luck is at top-performing, you can try it Asap; who knows that you can be the next winner.

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Arlington winner claims $1 million raffle prize from Virginia lottery
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Arlington winner claims $1 million raffle prize from Virginia lottery
1M dollars won in the lottery by an Allington man whose wife bought tickets from 7-eleven in Allington. Daniel and his wife were in shock. They didn’t believe it. They again verified it and got a ticket number matched with draw results. They bought tickets just for fun and won the 1M dollars by luck.
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