SMART LUCK – An Indian Won Rs 40 Crore Jackpot in Dubai

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Somarajan is an Indian man who is living in Dubai. He is working as a driver in an Abu Dhabi company. He started purchasing a ticket for three years. He was constantly buying tickets without thinking he would win.

But, finally, Somarajan wins the jackpot in Dubai worth Rs 40 crore.

Somarajan is from Kerala, India. He works in Abu Dhabi as a driver. He hit a 20-million-dirham jackpot in a raffle draw in UAE.

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According to the news reports, Winner Somarajan, a 37-year-old man with nine other winners, won the prize.

As Somarajan said, he was buying lottery tickets continually for three years. Somarajan never thought that he would hit the jackpot. He always hoped for smaller prizes like secondary or third prize.

Somarajan said that the second prize was 3 million dirhams and the third prize was 1 million dirhams.

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After winning a huge jackpot, Somarajan started receiving calls from near ones and friends. He said that he was going through a callous life recently. He was hoping for an excellent job for a better salary.

An Indian man Somarajan is working in Dubai since 2008. He works as a driver in Dubai taxis and for other companies. He was also working as a salesman. He said he left the job because the company was deducting his money.

According to a news report, there are a total of 10 players who won the jackpot. Somarajan is one of them. Other winners are from Nepal, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. They work in a hotel as valet parking.

They all took tickets under the offer’’ buy two and get one free’’. Each person put in 100 dirhams.

The ticket was in the name of Somarajan. He said that people should try to play the lottery, and one lucky day will come and make them win the lottery.

An Indian Won Rs 40 Crore Jackpot in Dubai
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An Indian Won Rs 40 Crore Jackpot in Dubai
An Indian man aged 37 years, Somarajan, went to Dubai in search of a job and to earn huge money. He kept playing the lottery for three years and finally he wins a Rs 40 Crore jackpot in the Abu Dhabi ticket draw. He is a taxi driver and is from Kerala, India.
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