All You Need To Know To Win At EuroJackpot


How To Place A Bet On EuroJackpot

It is similar to the EuroMillions format and uses two sets of drums. Here, you have to select 5 numbers from a pool of 1 to 50 and two other numbers from a pool of 1 to 10. If you get the combinations right, you win. Eurojackpot has 11 tiers which give the players a chance to win easily. The prizes are distributed among each tier and the top tier is considered the jackpot.

There are stats available for players to see what numbers have won the most, how many times the jackpot has been won, most number of rollovers, and the chances of winning. If you are a superstitious person, it can be helpful to you. Even if you are not, you still get a chance to know what numbers have been lucky for the players in the past.

Euro Jackpot win

The EuroJackpot is one of the largest lottos in Europe and is only bested by EuroMillions in terms of total payout. The minimum amount of the jackpot is 10 million Euro and it keeps growing as the amount gets rollover until there is a winner. It is a lotto that lets the amount go up until there is a winner which makes people want to play again hoping to win the big amount. The maximum amount of the Eurojackpot is 90 million Euro. It is a fast-paced lotto that allows players to plan and win with odds that are not bad at all.

Odds Of Winning And Breakdown

It is a lotto is designed in a way that gives the players a good chance of winning. There are 11 tiers and the jackpot.

The 1 tier consists of winners that get 5 main numbers correct and the 2 additional numbers as well. Here, the number of winners is 60 and the share in payout is 34 to 35%.

eurojackpot numbers

The same keeps going on till the numbers get to 1 number and 2 additional number to 2 numbers and 1 addition number the later being the last tier that has 123,580 winners with a share in a payout of around 20-21%. The additional numbers are called Euro Numbers. The jackpot has been won the most number of times by people from Germany which is 21 times followed by Finland that is 12 times. Eurojackpot ticket is priced at 2 Euros. It is one of the most trusted lottos as 9 European countries and 16 nations play it which is an estimated 270 million people.

Try your luck and win quick money online safely.