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How can a novice player understand all the terms and services in a lotto play?? The answer is “PLAY MORE.” The online lottery is an easy way to access the lottery and win the jackpot. Although, it takes time to understand the techniques and terms of the lottery play. As beginners, players are highly fascinated with the idea of earning quick online money. The more you play, the more you will learn the terms of techniques of the lottery.

It is not just about winning the jackpot or second tier prizes. It is about learning and digesting the crux of the entire system. Players get involved for the purpose of excitement and earning more. But positive results will stay hidden until you go through the entire process repetitively and grab the nuances of the lottery system.

Online Lottery Terms & Service -

Examining all the lotteries, the basic, necessary and the vital terms and services have been jotted down below. Refer them minutely before you dive into the pool of numbers to win a Jackpot

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1.Bonus number/ supplementary numbers/ Lucky star numbers

These numbers are the ones which come after the main winning numbers but are a vital part of the winning ticket. There are lotteries where 1 or 2 supplementary or bonus or lucky star numbers are drawn after the main numbers. These are used to determine the division prizes of the lottery.

2.Division Prizes

The lottery play comprises several levels of prizes which are defined as the divisions of prizes. For understanding of the layman, they are also referred to as the second tier prizes. To win the division or any level of prize, certain drawn numbers or the bonus numbers should match the winning ticket. Each match of the main numbers or the bonus numbers is assigned with a level of prize.
Each lottery has different criteria hence, you can go through the divisions of the lottery you play.


It is similar to your shopping cart. The only difference is that the shopping cart contains your personal items and the lottery cart contains the selected numbers or the purchased lottery tickets. Multiple games can be purchased and played from the multitude of draws. All the prospective purchases will be stored in the cart which can be used when required.


It is similar to when you checkout for paying after adding the shopping items into the “buy now” category. Once you have selected the numbers and are ready with all purchases, you are supposed to checkout for the final destination.


Lotteries or official gaming websites allow the players to add their favorite numbers in the “Favorites” section. These numbers can be repeatedly used for the other draws also. They are also termed as “favorables.”



In a lotto play, a game deciphers a set of numbers or 1 Quick Play that the player chooses. For each game, the numbers can be manually picked or the QuickPick option can be selected for random number generation.


win jackpot

A jackpot is the biggest prize of the lottery. The jackpot prize of all the lotteries is huge hence, millions of players are attracted to play and win the life changing amount. The jackpot Is won when all the 5 ,6 or 7 main numbers along with the bonus/supplementary numbers matches the winning ticket. Jackpot prizes of international lotteries like the Powerball, the Mega millions, etc are unexpectedly huge.

8.Jackpot cap

This is the maximum capacity of the jackpot to roll over. When it reaches that stage, it is called the jackpot cap. There are a few lotteries which consist of jackpot caps and a few do not have jackpot caps.

Jackpot cap states the limit of a prize money to roll over.

9. Jackpot rollover

Jackpot Rollover

When a lottery does not have a winner for a long time, the jackpot prize keeps adding which is called the jackpot rollover. It happens when the numbers in the winning ticket are not matched either of the sold lottery tickets. If the lottery has a jackpot cap then the jackpot prize keeps rolling until it reaches the jackpot cap. The UK Lotto stands apart in this case. If the jackpot is not won for 5 times then the prize amount is divided among the other second tier winners.


The “Joker” is observed in the Spanish lottery, the La primitive lottery. When the player selects the Joker, he will be randomly assigned a 7 digit number which can be used in a raffle with seven fixed prize categories.

11.Bonus money

It is the amount earned through cash backs, bonuses, refund prizes and it is recycled in the next investments. It cannot be withdrawn from the lottery account. It is to be utilised within the lotto play itself.

A set of numbers a player has to select to participate in a lottery draw is called a line.


When the prize pool is equally divided into the players of a particular division, it Is the Pari-mutuel method. The amount received by the winners depends on the total sales of the ticket on that day.


A small card that has numbers or symbols concealed inside and on scratching it off, we get to know if we have won or not. The numbers and symbols are revealed on scratching which reveals the winner.

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