A UK player wins the Euromillions Jackpot of £122 million

Euromillions Jackpot

A winner of the Euromillions Jackpot worth £122 million by a Resident of the UK. It is the biggest national lottery winner after the 4th draw of Euromillions.

On Friday, someone matched all the numbers with two lucky star numbers so all players were in a hurry to match their numbers. So, they had been called to check their tickets.

Euromillions Results Today

The Winning Number of Euromillions jackpot were 04-21-34-40-47 and two lucky star numbers 02 and 05.

The life-changing number of £122 million will put the winner in the top 1000 on Sunday times rich list of 2020.

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Senior player Andy Carter from Camelot said. “What brilliant news that one UK player catches the biggest amount of £122 million in the EuroMillions jackpot tonight.”

Another UK player also won on the first day of the new year with an amount of £39 million.

In October, the UK’s biggest win was £170 million by an anonymous player.

In 2011, the second biggest winners of EuroMillions were Colin and Chris weir from North Ayrshire.

Chris was so excited that he didn’t even sleep that night after winning a big amount.

They used their money to set up a charitable trust, and also they donated to the football club.

In 2019, Colin passed away due to illness; they also got divorced before his death.

There is another winner of £148 million, Adrian and Gillian bayford. They are from Suffolk, and They won in 2012 who are the third biggest winners of the UK.

The highest winning amount record set on February 2021, a swiss player won £180 million

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