A Man wins Idaho lottery worth $2,50,000 for the sixth time

Bryan Moss won $250,000 on the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game $250,000 Crossword Thursday. Idaho Lottery

It isn’t easy to have your luck favor you a 6 times lottery win. Although, a man wins the Idaho jackpot worth $2,50,000 on 28th Jan,2021 and this isn’t his first lottery win. Bryan Moss, the winner has been lucky with the lottery win for the sixth time and that is quite unimaginable for all other players. This has been the biggest win out of the 6 wins from the Idaho Lottery Scratch Game Crossword on Thursday.

Idaho lottery is a multi- state lottery association (MUSL) run by the government of Idaho. It includes Mega millions draw, Powerball draw, Hot Lotto, Scratch offs and not forgetting the Idaho Pick 3.

Bryan Moss from Meridian, Idaho won the lottery and purchased the winning ticket from ExtraMile on Eagle Road and Goldstone in Meridian. ExtraMile will receive $20,000 from the Idaho lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Moss says “he has planned nothing extravagant after the win. His only aim is to pay a sufficient amount for his daughter’s education.” He also states in his Facebook post regarding the win “ I’m proud to help support Idaho public schools, that’s really why I play. I’ve tried playing for others also but it doesn’t work.”

Idaho lottery began in 1989, has sold over $4.2 billion products, awarded more than $2.6 billion in prizes to players and returned $249 million in retail commissions and distributed $961.5 million in Lottery dividends in Idaho public schools and buildings. This has been the constant division of the money earned from the lottery sales.

How to play the Idaho Scratch offs?

  • Idaho lottery scratch offs vary in their price and jackpot winning amount. Each game has its own odds of winning. No two instant games are the same.
  • These lottery scratch offs have good odds of winning and these can will boost up the players to play the Idaho lottery scratch offs.
  • The ticket prize ranges from $5 to $50 but none of them are priced higher than that. Buy a lottery scratch off and follow the steps given behind the card or the guideline.
  • Several lotteries have also been associated with the Idaho lottery which can be directly played. Purchase the lottery ticket or scratch off online from the official website or the licensed retails stores and start playing.
  • To win the jackpot the series of the scratch off should match the winning scratch off and the amount with deducted tax will be the winning amount.

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