A lucky woman of North Carolina(NC) won a $373,741 Lottery Jackpot on her lucky day

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Sadhana Patel, a citizen of New Bern, North Carolina, bought a Rockin bingo ticket of $5 from the store, and she won a $373,741 jackpot.

On her 20th wedding anniversary, she got a big surprise, and it is not forgettable. At that time, she was in shock. She called her kids and told her husband about the lottery. The family was happy and in shock that they won a $373,741 jackpot from a $5 ticket.

Sadhana Patel, a jackpot winner, purchased a ticket on Jan 16 from her local store, “U pick Food mart,” in New Bern.

She said that she was in shock, could believe that she won the jackpot; she rescanned the ticket to verify. She went to the lottery to rescanning it, and she realized that she won a jackpot.

To win a fast play jackpot, the odds of winning is 1 in 240,000. a $5 ticket gets 50% of the winning amount.

At lottery headquarters, Raleigh, she claimed her jackpot prize on Friday, and she took home $264,423 after deduction of taxes.
Sadhana Patel told officials that she would use the jackpot prize to pay some bills and share her family’s money.

How to play fast play jackpot?

  • First, purchase tickets from a lottery terminal or by self-service machines.
  • There is no play slip, and you can directly ask to play the game by choosing.
  • You can play multiple fast games.
  • It can be played at the same time and same day, or you can play it later.
  • You can instantly see it if you have won the game. You can use a ticket checker on any retail location or use the mobile app to check.
  • A jackpot prize can be won immediately. There is no waiting for a draw.

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A lucky woman of North Carolina won a $373,741 lottery jackpot on her lucky day
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A lucky woman of North Carolina won a $373,741 lottery jackpot on her lucky day
A lucky women and citizen of New Bern, North Carolina, won a $373,741 lottery jackpot on her 20th wedding anniversary by just purchasing a $5 from a local store. She purchased a ticket on Jan 16. She was in total shock, and she didn't realize at the first time; she went to lottery officials then got to know that she won the jackpot.
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