A Canadian Couple in shock after $70 million Lotto Max Jackpot winning

A Canadian couple in shock after $70 million lotto Max jackpot winning

A couple checked his lottery ticket lots of time by not trusting the big news that he(Marc Meilleur) won 70$million lotto Max jackpot.

A special lottery player with his wife Dorothy-Ann won a big prize from the draw. Marc Meilleur plays quick picks but his wife plays on her numbers which are on birthdays, anniversaries, and car license plate numbers.

‘’ His mind was racing, his hands were shaking, he doesn’t know what to do next’’ marc expressed.
After the draw date a 60 years old marc checked his tickets for any winning chances on the OLG lottery app.

Marc explained that at that time he went to the bedroom to his wife that he won the lottery.
Marc said that his wife was not believing in him so he(marc) scanned the ticket again to show the prize amount that he won $70 million.

Still, they were not believing the prize so they went to the store from they bought tickets and asked the owner which is a friend of the winner.

His wife started crying after believing that they have won the lottery of $70 million.

After this great news, the couple called their daughter who lives in Sudbury, Ontario area. After hearing mom crying, their daughter quickly believed that they have won the lottery.

Marc has two sons and seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

‘’as a parent, you have to take care of their children but now there is no need to worry’’ marc said.

As parent marc explained that they want to buy a new home and vehicles and also they have a financial advisor to help out for grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The couple is very kind, they also want to help charity. They told that they want to buy a new truck and RV to travel all over Canada.

The couple expressed that they want to start travel from the east coast, where beautiful areas are there that they have only seen on TV. Now they will see in real.