A 18 year teenage from Kansas wins $25,000 on her first lottery ticket purchase

A 18 year teenage from Kansas wins $25,000 on her first lottery ticket purchase

A teenage girl from Kansas won $25,000 on purchasing the very first lottery ticket when she turned 18. She can be labelled as one of the rarest lucky players who has won the lottery at first attempt. There are players who have been in the queue since years and this girl slayed her win at first go. Undoubtedly, the 18 year old Sloan Stanley was thrilled and all pumped on winning the lottery.

The unexpected $25,000 win for the teenage girl

Recently, Sloan turned 18 and she had planned on doing some grown up stuff. One of the things in her bucket list was to purchase a lottery ticket and try her luck for it. She worked at a grocery store in the city of Meriden, Stanley decided to purchase a scratch – off from the store. She purchased a $5 scratch-off from the store and ended up grabbing a sweet good amount at a young age.

While the regular players keep applying several techniques to win the jackpot, the newbie nailed the floor at the first try. She played with no intention to win it at first attempt. She purchased the lottery ticket with sheer innocence and to do something fun.

“I was in shock that the first ticket I ever bought ended up winning $25,000” said Sloan to the Kansa lottery.

She picked a Cash Cow instant scratch game. Because “I like cows and thought it was cute. My family is super excited with the win and happy for me and they still can’t believe it” stated Stanley.

Jessica Herrere, the spokeswoman at CNN said “rare for any player to nab a prize on the very first lottery ticket they ever purchased.” Stanley plans to attend Fort Hays State University in the fall to study elementary school education.

Stanley plans her $25,000 winning amount

“I hope this will help me graduate without debt,” said Stanley to the lottery officials.

She plans to spend the money on college from the lottery earned money. Loans or any external help will be avoided to pay the college fees. Along with the college fees, she also plans to do something fun with her friends like taking them all for a fancy dinner.

Young eyes with small dreams make the win more beautiful and natural.

Kansas teen wins $25,000 playing first lottery ticket
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Kansas teen wins $25,000 playing first lottery ticket
The 18 year old Sloan Stanley for Kansas surprisingly wins $25,000 on her very first purchase of lottery ticket. It was her wish to do something grown up on turning 18. She ticked off purchasing the lottery ticket from her bucket list. Never did she thought of winning the huge prize at one go. Now she plans to spend the money for college expenses and do something with her friends.
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