$70 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Announced, Two Persons Won!

$70 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Announced, Two Persons Won!

Finally, the Lotto Results are here.  There is a $70 million jackpot, but there are two winners of the lotto max jackpot.

The winning amount is split between two winners. One in Toronto and one in British Columbia.

The lotto max jackpot winning numbers are 07, 11, 22, 28, 33, 44, 49 + 10 (Bonus).

Following the Tuesday evening draw, 46 winning tickets throughout Canada won 30 of the 70 lotto max jackpot prizes.

Twenty-one tickets sold out in Ontario for 46 winning tickets. Also, Tickets sold in Kingston, Windsor, Thunder Bay, St. Catharines, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto, and North York won $1 million.

Five $500,000 winning tickets were also sold in Grey County, Simcoe County, Mississauga, Windsor, and Milton. One $500,000 winning ticket was purchased on OLG.ca.

Five regions of Ontario sold Maxmillions prizes totaling $333,333: Burlington, Kitchener, Sault Ste. Marie, Milton, and Scarborough.

On tickets sold in Thornhill, Chatham-Kent, Etobicoke, Simcoe County, Welland, and Woodbridge, Ont., six Encore prizes at $100,000 each were won.

So, the lotto results are announced.  There are two winners of the $70 million lotto max jackpot, and the winning amount will be split between two lucky winners.

You can play lotto max by quick pick so that the ticket will be randomly chosen. You can also manually pick the numbers if you want.

You can select numbers from 1 to 50, and the max purchase is $5. You can play 1 to 25 draws.

Lotto Max jackpot draws are held on two days a week, Tuesday and Friday. You can purchase a ticket until 9:30 Pm MT, 8:30 pm MT and 7:30 pm PT on the date of the draw.

The maxmillions keeps growing until the jackpot reaches $70 million; after that, only maxmillions can grow. 

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$70 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Announced, Two Persons Won!
Finally, the lotto result is announced and there are two winners of the $70 million lotto max jackpot. In Canada there are 46 winning tickets sold. In Ontario, 21 tickets were sold and nine $1 million prizes won. There are five $500,000 tickets sold in grey country, Simcoe and more. Lotto max jackpot draw held two day per week.
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