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You might wonder if your dream of winning a lottery would come true. Well, it is definitely not that easy as the odds of winning International lotteries are very high. The US Powerball, the Mega Millions, the UK lotto, etc. all top 10 international lotteries with gives out huge jackpots. Although the chances of winning these lotteries are super slim, trying to win them should never be refrained.

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Richard Lustig has been a fortunate player who has won the lottery 7 times summing up to $1, 047, 060.50 and a jackpot price of $842,151.92 in 2 years. Considering his wins, you might wonder if you would be that lucky. But the trick to win the lottery is not being lucky, it is to implement the correct tricks.

Lotto play is majorly a matter of luck along with the right steps to take with a lot of patience. You cannot expect to win at one go. It requires excessive patience and applying the right steps to win the jackpot. A few tricks and steps applied by the players which guarantees the jackpot win to quite an extent have been described below.

#TIP1 – Buy more tickets to increase the odds of winning

Buy more tickets to increase the odds of winning

Buying more lottery tickets may lead you to select many random numbers which automatically increase the odds of winning. More the numbers, higher the combinations and more the winning odds. The player can put aside a small chunk from his earnings to invest in the lottery.

While investing in buying tickets never empty your pockets entirely as lottery win is very uncertain. A very small amount from the main earnings has to be invested in the lottery. The understanding of lottery tickets and random number generation will gradually come to you as you play more. As more tickets are purchased, the given range of the lottery can be entirely explored. Even if the jackpot is not won, productive second tier prizes can definitely be won.

#TIP2 – Syndicate formation is a strong tip

The formation of syndicates doubles your chances of winning in minutes. A syndicate comprises more than 4 people hence, more tickets and more numbers are availed. This increases the chances of winning but also decreases the amount to win. If a jackpot is won by a syndicate then the winning amount is equally divided into all the players. So, while participating you should be aware that you won’t be getting the entire amount after the win.

Also, the safe side is that less investment will be required with more numbers and tickets to win the jackpot. The only downside is that the jackpot amount will shrink into a smaller one.

#TIP3 – Avoid picking consecutive numbers

Majority lottery tickets have been observed to make the same mistake of picking numbers from the same range. If the lotto play requires 5 numbers to be picked from 1 to 55 then, a total of 104 or 176 should be seen.

Not exploring the entire range and picking from a particular series will end up giving negative results. Rather, explore the given range and try the best to win the jackpot or the second tier prizes.

Also do not pick numbers with the same ending digit or within the same group. Pick numbers smartly and randomly.

#TIP4 – A big no to concentrate on special dates

There are players who prefer picking their special dates in the lottery number. NO, that is not the way to play the lotto ticket. Lottery tickets online or offline do not concentrate on your special dates. They pay attention to random picking exploring the entire given range. International lotteries or national lotteries are all won if the numbers are picked randomly, randomly or through QuickPick random number generation. Special dates will decrease your circle of range whereas ransom picking will widen the horizon to win the jackpot.

#TIP 5- Play unpopular lotteries with huge jackpot

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It is not necessary to target the top 5 international lotteries only. You can take time to research and find out lotteries that are unpopular yet give huge jackpot prizes. There is less competition in such lotteries which increases the chances of winning the lottery. The SuperEnalotto lottery, the Euro jackpot, the UK49s lottery are all the less popular lotteries with easy play and high access.

These International lotteries are available online and their odds of winning are high though with littles less jackpot prize. These lotteries deliver the jackpot prize safely into your accounts and they maintain their standard distinctly.

#TIP6 Every number has equal probability of winning

Players often try picking the hot & cold numbers, high & low numbers etc. to grab the jackpot win. These theories are undoubtedly true and have proved true but the main fact is that “ all numbers have equal probability to get picked in the winning ticket.”

All the numbers shall be equally treated and prioritized for picking in the lottery ticket. We can never be certain of only a few numbers being chosen in the lotteries.

#TIP7- Play the correct games

National lotteries offer better odds of winning rather than the International lotteries. It provides a broader range of numbers to play along with more ease of play. The local lotteries are the easiest as it requires physical presence of the players, odds of winning are not slim rather higher, easy delivery of the prize if won, no worries for safety measures at all.

International lotteries provide a huge winning amount which is the biggest attraction but National lotteries provide much more ease and no fear of money conversion.

Lottery play is one of the biggest attractions for earning easy online money. As easy as it seems, it demands higher patience and significant steps while playing. All those glitters are definitely gold but the path to reach to gold is very slim. Hence, a few can reach and the rest have to keep rolling the numbers patiently until you win.

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