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Tips to save players from Lottery Scams

“Congratulations, you have won the lottery.” Lottery worth €20 millions will be deposited to your account soon for which you need to send your bank account number and an identity proof. Yes, you often get such messages and there is no way you would not get swept off with such words. But this is nothing more than a lottery scam. Hold on to your horses before an online lottery scam gobbles up all of your hard earned money instead of doubling it. Lottery scams are not naïve to the world yet the number of people being trapped are increasing with passing days. News, reports, neighbourhood stories should all help people from getting trapped into such scams but the urge of earning too much is extremely loud. There are hardly a few who would not fall for such emails, texts or phone calls regarding the lottery win. The urge is so crazy that you end up giving all your personal details and in a few hours the scam begins. National or international lotteries, there is no difference when it comes to lotto scams.

Playing the lottery is never bad and if you are lucky you might win a life changing amount. Considering the increasing number of lottery scams, it is vital to be aware of where and how much you are investing or spilling your details. As important are the lottery tips to play and win equally important are the tips to save yourself from the lotto scams.

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1.Never give out your personal information

Identity proofs are linked to your bank accounts. Email-id consists of several personal records including your professional chart. Spilling all of this to a stranger to earn a huge lottery amount from an uncertain source is a big risk. Instead of lottery winnings fraud begins at the very moment you let out your information and details.

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2.Stop yourself before you make any transaction

It is inappropriate and dangerous to send out any cash before you have met them in person or have registered by yourself. Scams are always knocking the doors so prevent yourself from being a part of one.

3.Take the hint

Unprofessional emails or messages from any lottery online which lacks your name and direct concern is a sign. Take the hint and walk away from the online lottery scam. General emails or texts like “Dear valuable customer´ are red signals since they are not aware of your names.

4.National or International lottery be aware of scams

International lottery scams will definitely pull off a larger pie than the national lottery so avoid foreign lotteries. Lottery tips and lottery winning vouchers is the first step to make room in your bank accounts. As large are the lottery winnings, equally large are the scams. National lottery scams are scary too but you might be able to get a hold on them since you would be living there.

5.Personal touch is the green signal

When a company wants to have their marketing right, they never forget to add personal touch in their marketing. Well, if you find the lottery approach generalised then sense the danger tone. Scams and frauds pen down decorative messages of lottery winnings but never add the names or specifications which deciphers that a scam is nearing you.

6.Online Lottery is an easy Scam

Lottery online are authorised and the real ones are very particular about their identities. Well, online lottery scam is the biggest fear that one can face. Hacking, spams and if nothing then constant buzz of messages. This can all lure your attention finally getting trapped into one of the scams. They might decode your personal information by sending you e-vouchers and then asking for your details. Lottery online is easy and safe when you register by yourself willingly but very risky If you enter into spam and ads.

7.Call for help

If you think that your fingers have slipped and have welcomed a lottery scam then call up your bank immediately. It is important to smash your details and account before they access it. Money laundering, online lottery scam, hacking, frauds, fraud transactions are things that we are all familiar with. Inform your bank with the details being passed, close your email and transfer the information and save yourself from getting things leaked. But there are chances when in spite of awareness you might get hunted into one of these.

7 Tips to avoid Online Lottery Scams
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7 Tips to avoid Online Lottery Scams
7 Tips to avoid Online Lottery Scams 1- Never give out your personal information 2-Stop yourself before you make any transaction 3-Take the hint 4-National or International lottery be aware of scams 5-Personal touch is the green signal 6-Online Lottery is an easy Scam 7- Call for help
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