6 Tips on How to Win The New York (NY) Lotto in 2021


Everyone wants to be a champion in lottery winning. You can win lottery with some easy tricks, but you have to focus on some things that will lead to the door of winning. The lottery ticket is the key to winning a game but which number you bought to win lottery is more important. An online lottery syndicate is trending, and people winning significant amounts here.

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When New York(NY) Lotto Started?

New York lotto was founded in 1966. It started to run the lottery in 1967, and it’s approved by the government and run by the government. That’s why buying a lottery ticket from this one is safe to play. The first big winner of this game was Lou Eisenberg. He won $5 million in 1981. This game was stopped in the past for reasons like lottery ticket problems etc. But now it is working in top numbers.

How to play New York Lotto

How to play New York(NY) lotto?

  • To play New York lotto, you have to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 59. The draw comes twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday, and odds are 1:45,057,474.
  • Here the winning prize is 292 million dollars in Powerball.
  • There are prizes also for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th winners so no one can go empty hand.

How many games are being played in the New York lotto?

Here are the in-house draw games

  • Numbers
  • Win-4
  • Take 5
  • Pick 10
  • Lotto
  • Quickdraw
  • Multi-jurisdictional games
  • Cash4Life
  • Megamillions
  • Powerball
  • Monopoly millionaires’ club
  • Sweet Million
  • Millennium Millions
  • Lucky day

Now, here we go for the top 6 tips to win the NewYork Lottery with ease.

Randomize your winning lottery numbers

You heard it right. Randomizing your lottery ticket numbers can lead you to win lottery more. You can manually choose lottery ticket numbers, or you can use the quick pick. But to win lottery, it’s a great idea to choose it manually. Because you can select lottery ticket for your choice.

Try to never go for the same range of lottery ticket numbers. Try selecting the random range of numbers of each sequence to get more chances to win lottery.

Randomizing a lottery ticket will do a trick that you will not select a sequence of tickets. The reality of winning a lottery is lottery ticket is not chosen in series by a machine, so it is better to go for a totally random number.

You can play an online lottery syndicate where you can win big amounts by randomizing winning lottery numbers.

Mix even and odd digits

While purchasing a lottery ticket, try to see that not all ticket numbers are even or odd. You can try selecting a mixed number like the mix of odd and evens.

To win lottery, lots of people did it and won significant lottery amounts. But in the end, there is a scope of your luck too. You can also buy a lottery ticket and do a lottery win.

So, just look at your end numbers and mix odd and evens so there will be more chance to win lottery

Play in every game

People tend to play only popular lotto games, but this is bad for them in lottery win. There are lots of lottery games available where you should buy a lottery ticket to win more.

Lottery ticket should be bought in every trending and non-tending game because there is no prediction of where you can get a lottery win.

If there is a non-trending game, you should try buying a lottery ticket of theirs too. You can try to buy some tickets and try your luck to a lottery win.

All games announce winners, so why not take a chance in all lottery games by buying a lottery ticket.

You can try luck in an online lottery syndicate to get win more and more. People winning significant amounts here.

Choose lucky days

In lottery wins, lucky days matter, but it also depended on luck. People had won significant amounts by just selecting lottery tickets on only birthdays and some special days. You can again try to do that.

Try selecting lucky days like birthdays, graduation days, marriage dates, or some special day dates. But don’t only depend on it. Try selecting another random lottery ticket too. This will increase your chance to win lottery.

You can select lottery ticket numbers on car license numbers too. But choose a few ones only. People have won big amounts on it.

Select lottery ticket based on the random and mix of odd and even stuff. Also, add your birthday number too to maximize the prediction. At last, it all depends on the lottery machine and your luck.
Choosing lucky days with an online lottery syndicate can win more. Who knows you are the next winner?

Don’t copy

You will always follow the fellow lottery ticket buyers, but this is a terrible idea and can give only lose to win lottery. It is good to try selecting the lottery ticket, which others choose but not all tickets. Just randomize each ticket to buy. Don’t copy all tickets. Who knows the fellow lottery ticket will lose or win?

So, it’s a good idea to select a lottery ticket with your wisdom. You can get ideas from previous winners and try selecting some lottery ticket from them. But not all.

Buy more tickets

Yes, you got it right. Buying more lottery ticket will increase your chance to win lottery. It will also increase the opportunity for second places too. So, you will never end up with zero balance.

If you are playing in a game where there is more competition between players, you can try buying more sequence lottery tickets to increase the chance to win lottery.

If the game is not trending or famous, you can try this tip there too. But it depends on your budget and time.

Buying more lottery ticket is just not to spend more money on them. But to win lottery, you are also putting your luck to second lottery prizes too. All the lottery games offer secondary tips to winners so you will not end up in lose.


Winning a lottery is everyone’s dream, and some people can make their dream come true by some tips listed above. Buying and selecting lottery ticket wisely is a tricky task, but in the end, who knows, you can be a jacket winner. You can try luck in an online lottery syndicate where people winning big amounts. So why are you waiting for it? Try your luck today and fulfill your dream.

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