5 Amazing Winning Stories That Inspire To Purchase a Lottery Ticket

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Every individual craves for financial stability and a luxurious life which is a dream come true. There are also a few human figures who make great use of the wealth they earn. Let us peek into the inspiring stories that are selfless and motivating.  

A big house, fancy car, a stable and protective future is all what one dreams for after winning a lottery. Along with a luxurious life there are players who have thought beyond that. Individuals have out in efforts for a worthy change in the community and surroundings with the money they win. Considering the upliftment of the society along with self pampering is equally vital.

Winning a jackpot is all about luck and patience. It is not an overnight win for any player at all. Players have to wait calmly for their luck to turn into a golden luck and earn them a fortune. Going through various struggles humans do realize the importance of a kind support system. Hence, there are winners who wish to make small differences from the money they win. Having said that let us jot down a few stories that might influence others to purchase a lottery ticket.

5 Lottery Winner Success Stories That Will Inspire You to Buy a Ticket

Powerball Jackpot allows a small town boy to continue ranching

Back in 2009, a boy named Neal Wanless got lucky with one of the biggest Powerball jackpot. Deducting the taxes, $88.5 million was the fortune he took home. Before the win life had taken a down hill for the 23 year old young cowboy. He was unable to pay the taxes, could not afford basic repairs on his ranch. He used to sell scrap metal for his daily living. He lived in Tadd County, South Dakota with the worst financial position in his surrounding.

One day he thought of purchasing a Powerball lottery ticket from his hard earned money. Unaware of the surprise coming his way, he blindly purchased the $5 ticket. He picked numbers which were his family members’ birthday dates.  The little cowboy’s risk turned out fruitful and he won a staggering $88.5 million in the Powerball jackpot.

He jumped with excitement and happiness. The first thing he thought was to help the others in the community to build up their lives. In spite of being one of the lowest parts of the country, people have it in the air to help others. “People help people”, this is the basic value of the surroundings he lives in. He further decided to continue working with the ranch and also do substantial investment.

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A single mother of 5 wins a Powerball Jackpot using law of attraction method

Back in school days we were taught the law of attraction. Never knew that one could use this strategy to attract the lottery win. Cynthia P. Stafford’s brother was killed in an accident after which she took hold of his 5 kids. Along with the kids she also took care of her own father. She had bundled responsibilities and was a single bread earned. She lived in 1000sq.ft house with 5 kids and her father.

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She used to dream of winning a lottery, clearing all the bills and debts and living a glamorous life with all the others in the house. Her target was not just any lottery but precisely $112 million jackpot.

She applied the “law of attraction” by putting the numbers of the lottery under her pillow. Also, meditated for the $112 million jackpot and kept visualizing her life after the win. 3 years later Cynthia walked off with the exact same prize from the Powerball lottery. She acknowledges the law of attraction and the prayers for the fruitful win.

She bought a few tickets every month and picked random numbers. She successfully opened her film making company which had been her dream since long. She still continues to purchase tickets at times.

Family opens up a foundation from the lottery winning amount

Since childhood the kids of the Smith family were taught the vitality of giving back to the community and respecting what they have. With these teachings all the 7 children volunteered at soup kitchens and community Pearlie Mae Smith was lucky to win the huge Powerball jackpot worth $429 million. Soon after a good amount was equally divided into all the family members, they decided to give for the welfare of the community.

They planned to begin the Smith Family Foundation to help the grassroot organizations who were engaged in the improvising the lives of people in the Trenton town. The target of the foundation was education, Christian education, supporting youth and families In the Trenton area.

School teachers build a camp to bring joy to children

Les Robins, a school teacher was upset about the detachment of the current generation from the real fun of life. He always wanted the kids to enjoy all those activities which he enjoyed in his childhood. Away from the technological world, he wanted them to acknowledge the beauty of nature, swim, do horse riding, paper boating and play near the lake.

One lucky day he won the Powerball jackpot  worth $111 million and with that money he built a camp to bring joy to the kids.

Robin founded Camp Winnegator on 226 acres of land from the jackpot  money. It was a place for the kids to enjoy their summers doing the wonderful activities at low cost.

Florid a lottery winner does huge charity on winning the lottery

Sheelah Ryan won a $52 million jackpot in the Florida State lottery. She was detected with cancer and decided to spend the last years of her life giving away the winning amount for good cause.

Her surroundings stated that she felt as if she had won the money for a purpose. The purpose could be nothing better than charity for good causes and upliftment of the society. Hence, she developed a charitable group which was active in providing aid for the underprivileged. She had 6 full years to enjoy her winning before she could put down her breath out of cancer.

Even after she passed away, The Ryan charitable continued to feed grants for low cost housing, helped needy children for surgeries and aided old age people especially in her home of Seminole County, Florida.

5 winning stories that inspires to purchase a lottery ticket
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5 winning stories that inspires to purchase a lottery ticket
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