Lottery Results – $47 Million Lotto Texas jackpot Largest in North America


The Lotto Texas jackpot is the largest jackpot in North America and third largest in the world providing wide opportunities for players to win the jackpot. On 30th September 2020, a $47 million ticket was sold at Seguin at Pic-n-Pac convenience store on Street 23. The Lottery Texas winning numbers were 4-11-16-19-27-30.


No winner was claimed in the previous drawing which raised the lottery Texas jackpot prize to $47 million which became the largest prize of the decade and begged the title of the third largest in North America.

Approximately 40 players had picked tickets having 5 correct numbers out of six winning the prize worth $1505.
It was in 2010, that Texas Lottery games had a winning ticket worth $97 million and since then the lotto Texas jackpot had its another biggest lottery draw of $47 million.

Lotteries are all about chances and luck. You need to keep trying until you get there. Texas lottery tickets are available in stores as well as and they also participate in Powerball lottery and Megamillion lottery. The powerball lottery worth $34million drawing on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Megamillions is $32million drawing on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Launched in 1992, Texas lotto has granted prizes worth $6.48 billion so far and the highest prize has been advertised to be $145million on June 14, 2014 won by a winner in El Paso. The next Jackpot prize of $97 million which will be next and biggest after May 29,2010.

In 2020, there has been only one Lottery Texas Jackpot winner who received $17.5 million on Jan 15th from Laredo.
Lotto results are drawn on every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:12pm CT for which the numbers are to be chosen from 1 to 54 assuming to win the jackpot.

Extra! Is always attractive and fascinating. Texas Jackpot has tried to utilise the psychological catch by giving an Extra chance to the players to win more. By paying $1 extra per play you get to increase the non-jackpot prize winnings or other tier winnings. An exciting chance to upto $10,000 for an extra $1. A deal that one won’t like to let it go. Another catch that extra provides is that if your 2 out 6 numbers match the winning lottery ticket then you get to win $2 for that.

Security and privacy are highly maintained by Lotto Texas lottery giving vivid opportunities to the players before and after the draw to keep trying their luck.

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