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Could you ever imagine having 3 biggest lottery winners in India? Almost an impossible news to hear considering the strict rules of India for gambling activities. Anyhow, keeping behind the history, we have penned down the 3 biggest lottery winners of India.

Gambling has always been illegal in India except the lottery play. Since the Public Gaming Act in 1986, lottery in India slowly took a fair place in India for legal playing lottery in India. Online lottery has one of the very progressive businesses all over the world. Initially, the lottery was played only through purchasing the tickets from the store. Now with the technologically dominating world, online lottery play has become the eye catch tool for all those interested players. Just one click you are good to select the numbers to win the jackpot.

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India has officially allowed 13 states to participate in the lottery jackpot out of 29. Also, a few states allow online lottery also with all rules being abided by the players and the state government. Online lottery tickets can be purchased from the official website of that particular state lottery. With such an optimistic progress of play lottery in India, there have 3 biggest winners jotted down.

History of Indian players and winners has been wholly analyzed which resulted in the following 3 biggest lottery winners from India.

1) A 12 crore lottery win in Kerala state lottery

Porunnan Rajan, a privileged lottery winner who won Rs. 12 crore in the Kerala state lottery is the biggest lottery winner.

His lottery winning ticket was ST 269609 with winning amount of Rs.12 crore and cash value Rs. 7.2 crores. He bagged the Kerala New Year lottery on 11th Feb, 2021. He is a rubber tapper in Kerala with flooding debts on his head. His survival too had become a problem. One day he was going to the bank for the fourth loan to return the prior three loans. That’s when he bought the lottery ticket. He wished to win the jackpot badly hence, kept it a secret.

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He prayed for a prize to pay off his debts and have a life without pressure. His family too worked very hard to pay off as much as they could but every penny was less. Anyhow, they managed their journey. Praying to the almighty he waited for the results on next Monday.

When he checked the lottery ticket a week later, he was in disbelief. He could not trust his eyes. He had not won any consolation prize but the full jackpot. The huge jackpot worth Rs.12 crore was won by Rajan. This huge jackpot would clear up his debts along with many other dreams.

All those glittery dreams that the family might have seen for a good home, a better lifestyle, less struggle came true due to the lottery in India. A journey from debt to becoming the top lottery winners from India.

2) Rs.8 crore win by a doctor duo in 2018

“Health is wealth” is a widely used phrase mostly by the doctors. Here, doctors with good health have definitely won the Rs. 8 crore jackpot. Yes, the doctor duo Ashok Patel and Kirti Patel have won the PlayWin SuperLotto Jackpot in 2018. They have been penned as one of the biggest 3 Indian lottery winners with such staggering winning amounts.

They never gave lottery winning any thought, clearly indifferent to the lottery world. Once on their anniversary on 26th May, 2018 while passing through the streets of Bandra, they saw a man selling lottery tickets. They were sure of never winning one but decided to buy one each from the vendor out of compassion towards him.

The vendor was grateful for their purchase and thanked the duo for the beautiful deed. The charitable deed turned out lucky for the duo as they won the jackpot . They got to know about their win on Ashok’s birthday which was 26th July,2018.

After winning the jackpot they decided to buy an apartment in Bandra and put their children in a better school than the current one. Settling down well and comfortable was their first priority after the win as life in Mumbai is always tough. Even while the both were doctors they could not find a spacious place in their budget. So their first thing was to stamp a flat from the win.

3)Mojiful Rahima Sheikh won Rs. 1 crore in the Kerala State lottery

Mojiful Rahima Sheikh won Rs. 1 crore in the Kerala State lottery
Mojiful Rahima Sheikh won Rs. 1 crore in the Kerala State lottery

A tragic story turning into a lottery winning jackpot. Mojiful travelled from West Bengal to Kerala and was in search of a place to live with his family. While wandering to find a place he came across a man selling lottery tickets. Clueless about the future plans he randomly purchased a lottery ticket.

But the drawback was that he spent all that he had behind the lottery ticket. Ofcourse, this step was quite dangerous as winning a jackpot is very uncertain. He was lucky to win the jackpot. Had it been that he wouldn’t have won then all his investment would have been into loss.

Lucky he was to not only win the jackpot but also rank the list in top 3 lottery winners from India with such a huge amount. Considering the amount, he planned to take a house for his family and invest the remainder for a better future.

These are real stories from India. You could be the next winner if you belong to one of the states where playing the lottery in India is legal. If you happen to live in one of the states then, go buy the lottery ticket and try winning it. If these people can get lucky then you might too. Sum up your courage and go for it.

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Three Biggest Lottery Winners in India
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