15 Surprising Lottery Facts And Figures

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Lotto fever has almost spread all around. The odds of winning the grand jackpot are infinitely small, but it hasn’t stopped people from buying tickets for their chance to strike it rich. With this fever in the air, there’s a lot of surprising lottery facts and figures that you might not have heard, you’d be surprised to hear it!

With a little research and trawling stories of people who won the lottery, we’re here to talk out for all sorts of crazy lottery stories. Stories of winners and losers, good and bad luck and What are the Powerball Numbers You Might Win With lottery number and statistics further check out this article and trust me some are really unbelievable.

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History Has All To Say:

  1. Starting from history, we have to go back to around 200 BCE to discover the origins of the lottery. The interesting fact about the lottery story is that the Western Han Dynasty used a lottery to pay for repairs and additions to the Great Wall of China.
  2. If you were then surprised by the last one, this is more surprising. The earliest lottery games played were reported back in Ancient Rome at 100BCE and even earlier in China. So, the lottery fever has been in the air for ages.
  3. Augustus Caesar was the person who introduced the lottery to all Rome citizens. Everyone could buy tickets with prizes consisting of the treasures that the army brought back from their latest conquest. Some amount of the money raised by this lottery went into the care and upliftment of the city.
  4. You may have seen the glamorous host and serious – looking accountants hosting lottery drawings. But it all started 450 years ago, after Queen Elizabeth I launched England’s first official lottery.
  5. Moving forward, the first official lottery was launched in 1994. Since then, both players and lottery numbers have increased, making 3,700 millionaires in the next 20 years.

Insane World of Lotteries:

  1. The lottery has its own form, the Swedes came up with an interesting lottery version. The speed camera captures the license plates of motorists speeding as well as those keeping to the limit. One of the law-abiding drivers will be randomly chosen to win a percentage of the fines imposed on the speeders.
  2. The Vatican also joins the list by having its own lottery. Lottery tickets cost € 10 and the top prize is a car, and all the proceeds go to the Pope’s charities.
  3. The Indian government has come up with a unique solution to tackle the country’s rapidly rising population growth. People who volunteered to be sterilized were given 600 rupees and entered a lottery where they could win various electrical household products and a new car’s top prize.
  4. The Taiwan government also used the lottery system to fight shops that avoided paying sales taxes by not providing receipts to customers. Every time you buy something in a Taiwan shop, you earn a lottery ticket with a top prize of $ 300,000.
  5. What’s the first thing you’d do after winning a lottery? Comment below and share your thoughts about it. I’d rather reach a mountain and inform the world. But one couple from Chicago took the concept of remaining anonymous to the next level. They did not quit their job and not even their two teenage kids after they won the $ 30 million lotteries.


Lottery Winner Stories:

  1. Not everyone prefers being anonymous, the Canadian couple who won $ 11.2 million from Allen and Violet decided to be open about it. But they were such a kind-hearted couple in their 70s, they gave away every single cent of their charity jackpot win, mostly to hospitals.
  2. Talking about lucky winners, the list of lottery winners also have many celebrities, Pop Queen Madonna is also one of them. She succeeded in winning a € 120,000 lottery prize on the Italian SuperEnaLotto but reflected her kindness by donating to a charity to help build schools in Malawi.
  3. Luck always seems to be against the person who is dependent on it. A wife from North Carolina, proving this right and his husband wrong, teaching him a lottery lesson is a waste of time. She bought a ticket for $ 10 ‘ Carolina Millions’. But luck knows no reason, nor what’s right she ended up winning a million dollars!

Lottery Statistics and Analysis:

As we have seen many interesting facts about lottery, some interesting and insane stories now let us look at lottery facts and figures, starting with talking about anonymous, surprisingly 85 percent of winners choose to remain unknown.

  1. Talking about statistical research, the $ 2 billion annual lotto prize in America remains unclaimed.
  2. A UK survey found the average lottery winner buys 4.5 cars and 10 percent of those winners buy 10 or more. Still thinking why they’d buy half a car.


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