$15 Million Winner Quebec City Woman Buys New Glasses

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On April 14, an old Quebec lady, Liliane Fortin, received a life-changing surprise call for her. She was very shocked at that time during a call.

The call was from Loto-Quebec telling her that she has won $15 million by purchasing a Lotto Max ticket online. The draw was on April 13.

She said, ‘’I had lots of doubts at the first time’’ and also she said ‘’ I could not manage myself that time to expect it’’.
Doubtfully, the lady requested to recheck to a Loto-Quebec official to verify it again many times.

A Loto-Quebec worker said during an online interview that ‘’she told me to recheck again the quantity that she has won’’. So, the worker rechecked again a number of times.

The retired old lady said she could purchase more tickets with her coworkers when there is a big jackpot to win.

She said that she keeps purchasing tickets, but this time the online ticket was sudden.

She bought automatically generated numbers as she decided not to select manually.

She selected a ticket on the lucky second as she told it was an unexpected win.

Actually, there were two winners of the lotto max jackpot. The total winning amount was $30 million, and the amount was shared with two winners.

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Lotto-Quebec mentioned that the women were lucky that she got a ticket online and received the big prize.

She told her that she shared the winning news with her husband, aged 43 years and her kids. She wanted to see how they are reacting to the winning announcement.

Fortin asked that if she was feeling glad or not, she replied that she was delighted.

She said that she was not proud of that, but she was glad. Also, she mentioned that she was feeling glad even though she won $20.
Fortin admitted that she spent a little bit of money too.

Her first thing to buy after winning was a new pair of glasses. She said that it was the first big buy.

She mentioned that after winning an immense amount, she and her husband were not in a rush and also, she said that they would take time to dream and now their desires can come true.

$15 M Winner Quebec City Woman Buys New Glasses
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$15 M Winner Quebec City Woman Buys New Glasses
A Quebec woman received a life-changing phone call about how she won a $15 million lottery. She could believe it for the first time, and she told her husband, aged 43 and her son. She asked lottery agents for lots of time to verify that she has won the lottery. There were two winners of the jackpot of $30 million, and the prize was shared among the two. The winning women wanted to buy new glasses, and she was pleased to receive an enormous amount.
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