Rajshree Lottery in India

What is the Rajshree lottery?

Rajshree lottery is one of the lottery drawing happens multiple times daily. Each draw happens at 15 minutes. The price per ticket is 10 Rs, and the payout starts from Rs 200. The odds of winning in the Rajshree lottery are high. The max prize of the Rajshree lottery is 50 lakhs.

How to play the Rajshree Lottery?

  • Multiple draws happen daily. Every 15 minutes, one draw occurs in the Rajshree lottery.
  • To buy a lottery ticket, firstly you have to choose five numbers from 0 to 99. You will have 1 set of five digits.
  • So, if your number matches with draw results, then you win the prize. The odds of winning are high.
  • To buy a number set, you have to pay 10 Rs with five selected numbers from 0 to 99.
  • The result will be declared on the same day in the evening or the next day in the morning. You can check Rajshree lottery results on retail venues. Retail venues usually announce the results.

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Winning prize of Rajshree Lottery

Here is the list of Rajshree Lottery Winners

Prize Prize Amount(Rs)
1st 50 Lakh
2nd 10 Lakh
3rd 9000
4th 7000
5th 5000
5th 4000
5th 3000
5th 6000

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Top 10 tips to win the Rajshree lottery

More tickets, more win

  • In any lottery game, to increase the chance of winning is buying more tickets. More tickets increase the overall chance to win the lottery. It all depends on the budget too. If you have enough budget to invest in more tickets, you can go for it without thinking twice.
  • A few hundred cannot increase the chance, but you have to squander money to increase winning chances. You can play the Rajshree lottery by buying more tickets to win more.
  • Also, you can buy lottery tickets for other games to increase the chance to win.

More playing, more winning

  • Previous lots of lottery winners indeed played more games at one time. Doing it will give you a better chance of winning.
  • It is not recommended that you just played the game for some time and left that game because you lost that game more often and were disappointed. Play the games more often; continuously playing can increase winning, so buy lottery tickets more often. You can play the Rajshree lottery along with other games to boost the chance of winning.

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Make Sum of 63 and 116

  • Always choose a combination of numbers whose sum is 63 or 116. Lottery players had won more time when they purchased a ticket of such variety that the total sum is 63 and 116.
  • If you are picking higher numbers, make sure their sum is 116, pick lower numbers, then make sure that you are getting a sum of 63.

Balance odd and even numbers

  • Always choose mixed numbers. Never choose only odd or even numbers only.
  • Selecting even numbers only leads to less probability, and the same applies to odd numbers. So choosing a mixed set of numbers increases the likelihood of winning.
  • See, the last digit of the set number is 5-9-13-27, then it’s an odd set of numbers. It will decrease the winning probability. Try selecting like this 5-8-12-23. It is a mixed number of sets. It can increase the winning chance. This trick is also applicable to play Rajshree lottery and increase the chance of winning to come in Rajshree lottery results.

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Never copy fellow player

  • It is recommended that you never copy another player method to your gameplay. There is the probability of losing those players to so never duplicate the same set numbers. It only decreases the chances of the game.
  • It is better to use the trick of the list in this article than just copying other player numbers. Only buy lottery ticket numbers with your intelligence.

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Join a syndicate lottery

  • This is the best way to increase your chance of winning the lottery.
  • It is a group of players who buys tickets in bulk. So everyone wins the lottery, but the amount will be split between group players.
  • The syndicate lottery buys more tickets than you can buy, so it increases the chance of winning.
  • Syndicate lottery has benefits like reduced cost of tickets and increased chances of winning.
  • It is available offline and online so that you can join at your availability.

Select the different group of numbers

  • If you are playing the lottery and just buying numbers only 10s, 20, 30s, or 40s, it can lead to less winning.
  • Try to mix up the number from all the number groups so the chance can increase.
  • Don’t forget odd and even numbers to mix up in the group. It is a nice trick to boost your winning in Rajshree lottery results.

Play lottery on lucky numbers

  • There are lots of lottery players who won a lottery on their lucky dates and time.
  • You can try selecting lottery ticket numbers on birth dates and other lucky dates. It is sometimes easy to win on lucky dates, and other lottery players also believe that it has a high probability of winning.

Find the number that has won in previous draws

  • You can always see the lottery results of previews games also you can find the number of which lotteries have won. You can add that number in your selection and try adding another mixed number in another set of plays. You can add some previous sets of numbers to play Rajshree lottery. You can see Rajshree lottery results for lottery numbers.
  • Don’t just depend on the last game numbers. Always try to mix it up with your new number and old lottery numbers. Also, don’t forget to follow the other tips described above to win more and buy lottery tickets more often.

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Play less popular games with fewer players

  • Always look for less popular and low-traffic games. Low traffic game-high probability of winning than high traffic and popular games.
  • The advantages are that there are less competition and lower ticket prices than popular games. Thus, more winning probability.
    If you use the above-described tips, you can increase your chance to win the Rajshree lottery up to 50%.
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